The International Monetary Fund said its executive board met to discuss a report prepared for the World Bank that said fund manager Kristalina Georgieva pressured employees to change data to serve China.

A spokesman for the IMF said yesterday, Tuesday, that the fund’s board of directors agreed to meet again soon for further discussion, but did not specify a date, and added that the board of directors stressed “the importance it attaches to conducting a comprehensive, objective and timely review, and agreed to meet again soon for further discussion.” .

Last Friday, Georgieva denied reports that she had pressured World Bank employees to change data while preparing a report (Doing Business 2018) on the country's business climate.

"Let me say it very simply, this is not true. Neither in this case - nor before or after - I happened to put pressure on employees to manipulate the data," she told IMF staff, according to a transcript of the meeting obtained by Reuters. from him.