China News Service, September 22. According to the "European Times" British WeChat public account "British Circle", on the evening of September 18, local time, a 25-year-old Chinese boy experienced a terrible case of violent assault in Cambridge, England. , The nasal bone was beaten and fractured, and the face was also injured in many places.

  According to the description of Mr. H, he is 25 years old this year, graduated from the University of Cambridge two years ago, and currently works as a research and development engineer at the University of Cambridge.

  At around 7:20 pm on September 18, local time, Mr. H was shopping for daily necessities in a supermarket in Cambridge.

He saw a group of teenagers entering the supermarket, approximately 16 to 18 years old, about 10 people.

  At this moment, Mr. H, who was squatting next to the shelf picking things, suddenly felt that his ear was twisted very hard, and he could clearly feel the pain.

So he got up and turned his head to stand up, but he found himself surrounded by this group of teenagers.

  This group of teenagers began to yell at him for words related to race.

Due to the twisted ears and the insults, Mr. H also took self-defense actions and had physical conflicts with the group of teenagers.

However, due to the large number of opponents, Mr. H was soon at a disadvantage and was beaten by the group of teenagers.

  In the process of being beaten, Mr. H tried to protect his head with his hands, but was still beaten several times with fists by these teenagers.

According to his account, he can clearly feel that his nose is not right.

I touched it with my hand and found that my nose was crooked.

  At this time, the group of teenagers also found that Mr. H's nose had been broken, and realized the seriousness of the matter, they fled.

Although Mr. H was frightened, he said that his first reaction was to run out with this group of people because he wanted to see where these people lived.

  Mr. H called the police while chasing these teenagers.

Halfway through the chase, three or four teenagers turned back and said to the person involved: "Don't chase." They also poured some cola and drinks on him.

  Mr. H, who was planning to give up chasing after him, met a British native who was driving and told Mr. H to get him in the car quickly, and they drove to chase together.

Mr. H immediately drove to continue chasing these young people.

  The British native rolled down the window and shouted to the teenagers: "We have called the police, there is surveillance in the supermarket, and you can't escape." After listening to this group of teenagers, they ran away in all directions.

Due to the large number of opponents, Mr. H did not succeed in catching up.

  Later, the local drove Mr. H to the emergency department of the Cambridge school doctor.

Mr. H said that he waited there for nearly 4 hours before conducting a preliminary inspection.

  According to Mr. H, he started fever that night and couldn't breathe.

So he went to the hospital the next day and had a CT scan, which took 9 hours.

The initial diagnosis was nasal bone fracture and nasal septum fracture.

There were also many cartilage injuries in temples, chin and other places.

  Mr. H said that the doctor will follow up for him in 4 or 5 days, and there are two treatment options based on his recovery.

If the condition is not particularly serious by that time, the doctor will reset his nose (local anesthesia is required), but if the condition is more serious, a general anaesthetic nose operation is required.

  Mr. H said that the police had already called the police on the night of the incident, and the police responded that they would send police officers to investigate and deal with the matter in accordance with the normal procedures.

(Wang Ruiqi)