(Fighting New Coronary Pneumonia) The U.S. announced the relaxation of restrictions on the entry of passengers on international flights in early November

  China News Service, Washington, September 20 (Reporter Chen Mengtong) The White House announced on the 20th that starting from early November, it will relax entry restrictions on foreign travelers who are "fully vaccinated against the new crown."

The picture shows the electronic bulletin board in the terminal of New York JFK Airport displaying flight information.

  Jeffrey Zinc, the White House's coordinator of the new crown epidemic, announced the new policy in Washington that day.

He said that this will apply to all international flights arriving in the United States, and all foreign passengers must present a "fully vaccinated against the new crown" certificate when entering the United States, and a certificate of negative new crown test within 72 hours before departure.

International travelers who have been fully vaccinated do not need to be quarantined after entering the United States.

The regulations will come into effect in early November so that relevant agencies and airlines can prepare.

  In conjunction with the new regulations, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will also issue a "tracking order" requiring airlines to collect and retain contact information such as telephone numbers and email addresses of passengers arriving in the United States within 30 days to remind passengers of possible exposure to infection risks.

  The core policy details of the new regulations of the Biden administration, namely, how to define "full vaccination against the new crown"-which new crown vaccines will be recognized by the United States, is currently unclear.

  White House Press Secretary Psaki did not give a clear answer when answering the above questions at the White House press conference on the 20th.

She said that the verification of vaccination for international travelers will be the focus of inter-agency research and discussion on the US side.

The U.S. hopes that relevant policies are clear and fair to ensure that travelers from all over the world enjoy equal treatment when entering the U.S.

The specific plan will be announced in early November or in advance.

  Since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic last year, the US government has begun to implement international travel restrictions and continue to expand to new countries and regions.

Although international air travel is expected to gradually liberalize, land and water ports in the United States have not yet been fully opened.

  On the same day, the US government continued to extend the land-water travel restrictions with Canada and Mexico for one month to October 21.

This land-water cross-border restriction order will be implemented in March 2020 and will be extended once a month.

Starting from August 9 this year, Canada allows American citizens who have received the new crown vaccine to enter Canada.

  According to the Associated Press, as of July, the domestic air travel passenger flow in the United States has recovered to 84% of the same period in 2019, but the number of international air travel is only 26% of the same period two years ago.