French presidential 2022: will the primary on the right take place?

Valérie Pécresse and Xavier Bertrand, in 2019 near Valenciennes.


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The Republicans party meets Wednesday evening its political bureau, to decide the exact question which will be presented to the 80,000 militants inserted.

This weekend, these members will have to choose between two options: a tight primary, with the opening of the vote to supporters of the right and the center, or a congress reserved for activists.

On the side of the party and the candidates, it seems that we are preparing for the second option.


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The activists The Republicans will undoubtedly want to " 

keep control of the choice of their candidate 

" for 2022. This is what seems the most logical in the eyes of many caciques of the party, a few days before the vote of the LR members on the method to decide between those who aspire to be the presidential candidate from the right.

Even in the camp of Valérie Pécresse, who has been pushing from the start for a primary as wide as possible, to give momentum to the champion, we seem to be resigned to it.


 The party leadership has done everything for 

", considers a close to the president of the Île-de-France region.

Second argument: the option of the congress, reserved for activists only, could allow Xavier Bertrand to finally enter the dance, without disavowing himself, he who refuses staunchly to bow to the primary.

After ten years of opposition, there is such a desire to win that everyone will do what is necessary so that there is only one candidate,

 " assures a party executive.

But the stakes are not yet over.

The general impression is that the option of the congress will win, but I will not put my hand to cut

 ", summarizes another responsible LR, cautious.

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