China News Service, Toronto, September 20 (Reporter Yu Ruidong) The 44th Canadian House of Representatives elections ushered in voting day on September 20.

As of press time, the results of the balloting that night showed that the Canadian Federal Liberal Party led by Justin Trudeau had determined to win.

However, the Liberal Party won less than half of the seats, so it failed to change the situation of the minority government through the general election.

Data map: Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau attended the dialogue meeting.

Photo by MSC/Kuhlmann issued by China News Service

  The Canadian Federal House of Representatives has a total of 338 seats.

Although the ballot count has not yet ended, and mailed ballots must not be counted until September 21, preliminary statistics have shown that the Liberal Party has been unable to obtain the 170 seats required to form a majority government.

  In October 2019, Trudeau led the Federal Liberal Party to win the 43rd House of Representatives election in Canada, but lost the majority government status in the past 4 years and could only form a minority government.

On August 15 this year, Trudeau petitioned Governor Mary Simon to dissolve the Congress and was approved to initiate the general election ahead of schedule, with the intention of changing the ruling state of a minority government that has been maintained for nearly two years.