Ms. Lorenz, which topics are decisive for your cross on the ballot paper?

Aylin Guler

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That is a difficult question.

I am not too influenced by the current election issues.

What matters to me is which candidate for chancellor is ready to face the challenges we face around the world.

That should be someone who not only thinks about himself and his own splendor, but also thinks about the good of the community.

Which of the debates about which you discussed in the context of “Germany Talks” worries you most?

All questions about the environment.

Did the debate with your “Germany speaks” partner help you make your choice?

No not that.

I found the conversations very interesting because I discussed with people with whom I would otherwise never have had anything to do with.

For example, one of the people I talked to is in the financial sector.

The conversation was really fun and broadened my horizons.

But it didn't affect my voting decision.

Instead, where do you look for guidance for your choice?

To be honest, I didn't bother with it much.

For example, I only read election programs in my early youth, when I was active in a party myself.

I watch TV, primarily ARD - I've also seen the Triells.

But that didn't affect my voting decision.

I also read the FAZ a lot and Die Zeit.

I like to discuss - and use my mind.

Do you choose by party or person?

Are you loyal to the party or a swap voter?

I was loyal to the party until this year's election.

I voted for the Greens for at least twenty years, even though I knew they would not be the strongest party.

This time I didn't choose them, they have become increasingly unsympathetic to me.

This time I voted for the SPD, also out of previous sympathy.

In my youth I was a member of the Juso.

We now need an SPD as a strong people's party.

I hope that the SPD does not allow itself to be drawn into a coalition with the FDP.

I would be really very angry.

The FDP is an absolute no-go.

A party that allows such a narcissist as declarer cannot be a good party, regardless of its values ​​or goals.

Which two adjectives would you use to describe the election campaign?

Person-related and polarizing.

I do not like that.

I would like more content.

Do you already know who you will vote for?

My decision matured in the course of this year, maybe even last year.

I voted for the SPD, but I didn't become an SPD fan.

The idea behind my decision was more about the distribution of forces we need in the next government.

I do not want to imagine the Greens as the strongest party at the moment.

Sabine Lorenz, 62 years old, is a resident psychoanalyst in her own practice.

She lives in Cologne and has so far had two conversations as part of “Germany speaks”.

Arrangements for a third debate are in progress.