WHO warns that Lebanon's health sector is in danger of collapse

  Xinhua News Agency, Beirut, September 19 (Reporter Liu Zongya) The World Health Organization warned on the 19th that Lebanon's health sector is in danger of collapsing due to the brain drain and severe shortage of medical supplies and fuel supplies.

  After concluding a two-day visit to Lebanon, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhes Basic and life-saving medical services.

  The statement pointed out that the rate of brain drain in the health sector in Lebanon is alarming. A large number of skilled doctors and registered nurses have left Lebanon permanently or temporarily. The continuation of the new crown epidemic has also brought more challenges to the health sector and society.

Fuel shortages have caused most hospitals to use only 50% of their medical services. The lack of foreign exchange has severely restricted the import of medicines and medical supplies. Local medical staff can only save lives with extremely limited resources at their disposal.

The statement emphasized that the current challenges are immense and endanger many important achievements in Lebanon’s health sector over the past few decades.

  WHO reiterated that it will continue to support Lebanon.

The statement said, "We remain committed to continuing our current urgent and life-saving work in Lebanon, and we are also planning a long-term health strategy... We can use this crisis as an opportunity to build a better health care system in Lebanon, and Work with the country’s government, partners, and the international community to commit to active health sector reforms.”

  The WHO delegation arrived in Lebanon on the 16th. In addition to meeting with Lebanese leaders such as President Aoun, Prime Minister Mikati, Speaker Bailey, it also inspected some local hospitals and health institutions, and inspected the country's response to the new crown epidemic.