The United States wants to lift entry restrictions from the European Union and Great Britain for vaccinated people soon.

The White House confirmed a corresponding report on Monday.

Several media outlets such as the Financial Times, Politico and the broadcaster CNN reported that entry into the USA should be easier again from November onwards.

The extensive entry ban was imposed by then President Donald Trump at the beginning of the corona pandemic in early 2020 and has so far been maintained by his successor Joe Biden.

From the travel industry, among others, a relaxation has long been called for, at least for travelers vaccinated against the coronavirus.

In Washington, Brussels and London, there was initially no confirmation of the reports.

Politico relied on EU diplomats, the Financial Times and CNN on unspecified informed people.

The previous travel restrictions state that only American citizens and holders of a green card as well as their family members are allowed to enter the USA if they have been in the EU or Great Britain in the past 14 days.

All others need special permission.

The EU had already asked the member states in the summer to gradually lift restrictions on travelers from the USA and several other countries. Germany then allowed entries from the USA, among others, "for all permissible purposes of residence, including tourism". However, the US government stuck to the restrictions in July, citing the more contagious Delta variant.