China News Service, September 19, according to comprehensive foreign media reports on the 19th, a few days ago, because Australia tore up its submarine contract with France and turned to cooperate with the United States and Britain, France decided to recall its ambassadors from the United States and Australia.

However, France did not recall the ambassador from the United Kingdom. French Foreign Minister Le Drian explained that he knew the country’s "opportunistic policy."

  According to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), French Foreign Minister Le Drian stated that a "serious crisis" is occurring between allies.

"For the first time in the history of the relationship between the United States and France, we recalled the ambassador for consultation. This is a serious political act, which shows the severity of the existing crisis between our two countries."

  Le Drian also said on France 2: "We (from the United States and Australia) have recalled the ambassador to reassess the situation. This is not necessary for the United Kingdom. We know their usual opportunism. Therefore, there is no It is necessary to recall our ambassador to explain."

  According to reports, when talking about the role of London under the leadership of British Prime Minister Johnson in the agreement, Le Drian described: "The UK is a bit like a third wheel in this whole incident."