Paris (AFP)

Labor Minister Élisabeth Borne called on Radio J on Sunday all branches whose minimum wages are lower than the minimum wage to "upgrade" them.

Asked about wage tensions in the hotel, cafes and catering sector (HCR), the minister put forward an avenue for upgrading.

"I have a first idea: the branch minima in this sector are below the minimum wage. In terms of the sector's attractiveness, this is a very bad signal", explained Élisabeth Borne.

As a result, "all branches which have branch minima below the minimum wage must revalue wages," she said.

"Branch minima lower than the minimum wage, that is not normal".

Currently at 1,554.58 euros gross per month, the minimum wage will be raised on October 1 to 1,589.47 euros, an increase of 34.89 euros, thanks to the mechanical revaluation of the minimum wage due to inflation.

Élisabeth Borne's remarks echo those of Prime Minister Jean Castex who called on September 8 to "work on salaries, in particular on what is called branch minima, a fortiori when they are lower than the minimum wage. . "

Focusing again on the situation in the UNHCR sector, Élisabeth Borne recalled having "received her representatives on Friday. I asked them to sit around the table with the trade unions to improve the attractiveness of these professions."

"I expect this sector to be able to present us with a roadmap, with a timetable, and for there to be concrete progress for employees in the sector very quickly, very clearly before the end of the year", she detailed before expanding her remarks.

"We must not forget all the workers of the + second line +: this is the meaning of the negotiations which are engaged in cleanliness, safety, road transport ..."

"The work must continue. We will bring together all the branches concerned by November," she concluded.

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