, Kuala Lumpur, September 19 (Reporter Chen Yue) Malaysia Wu Liande Education Association held its first online congress on the 18th.

President Xu Qingqi said that in the future, he will cooperate with relevant Chinese universities and medical institutions to promote and carry forward the spirit of Wu Liande.

  Xu Qingqi also introduced that the association is planning to jointly organize an international forum on Wu Liande's contribution to the prevention and control of infectious viruses with the Wu Liande Institute of Harbin Medical University.

  Wu Liande's granddaughter Wu Liu Meirui and Professor Zhang Fengmin, executive deputy director of Wu Liande Institute of Harbin Medical University, China, were also invited to attend the meeting on the same day.

In her speech, Wu Liu Meirui thanked the Wuliande Education Association for its dedication to inheriting the spirit of Wuliande; she said that the spirit of Wuliande has been passed down to the present and has also exerted a certain influence on contemporary virus prevention and control.

Zhang Fengmin pointed out that Wu Liande has made outstanding contributions in preventing and controlling the Harbin plague pandemic, establishing China's infectious disease prevention system, developing modern medicine and education, and promoting international cooperation and exchanges.

These achievements have not only become precious cultural and scientific heritage, but also provide an important reference for the current global new crown virus prevention and control.

  The Wu Lien Tak Education Association was established in August this year with the approval of relevant institutions in Malaysia.

The purpose of the association is to promote and promote Dr. Wu Lien Tak's contribution and dedication in the field of infectious virus prevention and control and public health.

  Born in Penang, Wu Lien Tak was appointed by the Qing government in 1910 and managed to control the plague epidemic that was raging in Northeast China within a few months.

In recent years, his deeds have been widely disseminated on Chinese social media and become well-known to more Chinese people.

In Malaysia, his medical ethics, medical skills and achievements in fighting the epidemic have always been affirmed and commemorated.