The head of state will not have benefited from a re-entry bonus.

The popularity ratings of Emmanuel Macron and Jean Castex are down in September compared to August.

Over the period, the president loses three points and his prime minister four.

According to the Ifop barometer for the

Journal du Dimanche

, 38% of French people say they are satisfied with the action of the Head of State, while the popularity rating of his Prime Minister stands at 36%.

59% of those questioned say they are unhappy with Emmanuel Macron as President of the Republic, a stable figure compared to the previous month, and 3% do not comment.

For Jean Castex, the proportion of dissatisfied people stands at 58% (-2%), 6% of the French do not speak out.

A sharp decline in the over 65s

The popularity rating of Emmanuel Macron is however still higher than that of his predecessors François Hollande (22%) and Nicolas Sarkozy (36%) at the same time of their respective mandates.

French people aged 65 and over (-9%) and those aged 25 to 34 (-8%) recorded the greatest decline, while young people aged 18 to 24 are more likely to be satisfied with their share (+ 5%).

The survey was carried out online and by telephone from September 9 to 16 among 1,932 people aged 18 and over, using the quota method.

The margin of error is 1 to 2.3 points.


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