The deposit on plastic bottles introduced on 1 July of this year has paid off: the share of bottles in the litter found has decreased by 37 percent.

The Plastic Soup Foundation (PSF) reported this on Sunday after the large litter clearing campaign on Saturday during World Cleanup Day.

In total, more than 90,600 items have been cleaned up by thousands of volunteers, nature organizations and companies.

Cigarette butts top the list again, followed by cans, candy wrappers and bottles.

The mouth cap is in place ten of the list of waste found.

According to the Plastic Soup Foundation, 41,342 officially registered participants took part in this edition, spread over 1,574 actions.

Last Wednesday, more than two hundred schools organized a clean-up campaign.

There were clean-up campaigns in 181 countries worldwide.

There were more than 1,560 in the Netherlands.

Since July, a 15 cent deposit has been levied on small plastic bottles for soft drinks or water.

The reasoning is that people throw away fewer bottles on the street or in the wild if they get money for it.

The collected bottles are recycled and reused.

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