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Nintendo Switch OLED: the Switch bigger

The main features of the traditional Switch released in 2017 have been taken over.

This new version has a screen to which detachable joysticks are connected, the Joy-Con.

It can swap its screen with that of a television and give access to the game in multiplayer.

It also has a docking station so you don't leave it lying around.

However, this new edition has some solid differences.

The most notable concerns its screen.

Larger, its size is now 7 inches, against 6.2 inches on the 2017 version (5.5 inches on the Lite version).

It also changes technology, opting for OLED technology, reputed to be richer in color.

Its edges are slightly thinner.

The device therefore promotes immersion by offering a more contrasted and more pleasant image.

Some other lighter modifications are to be noticed on the OLED Switch.

Maximum storage has been increased from 32 GB to 64 GB. At the back of the console, the bracket is wider, offering more stable support.

A Nintendo Switch already in pre-order

Families are Nintendo's primary audience, with games like

Mario Kart


But titles like

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


Animal Crossing

have shown that the Japanese company can also be of interest to solo players and fans of online multiplayer.

With the new OLED screen, the console also counts on people looking for a very beautiful image in their favorite games.

With the pre-order arriving on October 8, the console is already available for € 349 (or € 349.99 for the white version) on Amazon.

The OLED Switch will be available in different versions and colors: without the Online service, it will logically be less expensive.

Amazon adds to this the possibility of free shipping.

Nintendo Switch OLED White

Nintendo Switch OLED Blue and Neon Red

Interesting for a first purchase, the new version of the Switch could also appeal to the owners of the 2017 edition. It is difficult to know if this pre-order is synonymous with a more attractive price.

But it will avoid, in all cases, any risk of out of stock. 

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