The British government has announced that it will ease border measures for the new coronavirus from next month, and that immigrants from Japan and other countries will not need to be inspected in advance or quarantined after entering the country if they have completed vaccination. ..

In England, where London is located, immigrants have been divided into three stages according to country to take border measures based on the infection situation in each country, but the British government has received the progress of vaccination in the country. And reviewed it, and clarified that the regulation will be relaxed by simplifying it into two stages, "red" and "other than that".

From the 4th of next month, for entry from countries other than "red" including Japan, if the vaccination is completed, the pre-examination that has been required so far will not be necessary.

In addition, vaccination proofs for some countries and regions such as Japan and Singapore, which are not currently valid, will be accepted, and if vaccination is completed, it is not necessary to quarantine for 10 days after entering Japan. increase.

If you have not completed the vaccination, you will need to undergo a preliminary examination and self-quarantine for 10 days.

On the other hand, entry from countries classified as "red" such as Brazil and Indonesia is limited to British nationals.

In the UK, strict border measures have continued to prevent infection with the new coronavirus, and the aviation industry and travel industry have been hit hard, and there have been increasing calls for a review in response to the progress of vaccination. ..