Do not forget the war, forget the war will be in danger

The monument will stay forever, and the fire will be passed on

Today is September 18th

Is national shame day

It's also the day of the awakening of the Chinese nation

Data map: Thousands of people from all walks of life gathered in Shenyang and held a bell-ringing ceremony.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Yu Ruizhai

90 years ago

The night of September 18, 1931

An explosion from the direction of Beidaying

I woke up the people who were still sleeping

The Japanese Kwantung Army brazenly blows up the tracks of the Nanman-Manchurian Railway

Shelling the Bei Daying and capturing Shenyang City

The "September 18th" Incident that shocked China and foreign countries broke out

This is to change modern Chinese history

And even major events in the history of the world

Data map: In the early morning of September 19, 1931, three hours after the Japanese bombardment of the Northeast Army garrison Beida Camp, prepared Japanese infantry rushed into the Beida Camp.

Image source: China Military Network

The invader's iron hoof stepped into the house

4 months

1.28 million square kilometers of northeast China fell

More than 30 million people have become subjugated slaves

How many people are displaced

How many wives are scattered

"My home is on the Songhua River in the Northeast

Where are my compatriots

And the aging parents


September 18, September 18, from that miserable time

Leaving my hometown, abandoning the endless treasure

Wandering, wandering"

"On the Songhua River"

Can't sing the Northeast people

The grief of losing my hometown and being enslaved

Data map.

Photo by Zhang Lang

14 years of resistance

An inch of mountain and river, an inch of blood

Chinese sons and daughters are made of iron, bones and flesh and blood

Going to the national disaster together

14 years

From the Songhua River to the Lugou Bridge

From the fall of the Northeast to the full-scale invasion of China

Countless Chinese sons and daughters

With the patriotism of the rise and fall of the world and the responsibility of everyone

With the national integrity of seeing death as home, preferring to die

With the heroic spirit of defying violence and fighting to the end

With perseverance and perseverance belief in victory

Compose the epic of the war of war that shocked the world and weeping ghosts

Yang Jingyu, Zhao Yiman, Tong Linge, Zhang Zizhong...

Chinese sons and daughters of countless heroes

They have also been parents, children, lovers

But if a country is not a country, why is it a home?

To save the life

They resolutely set out to fight on the battlefield

Data map: People from all walks of life visited the Northeast Occupied History Exhibition Hall, presented flowers to the anti-Japanese heroes, and people made paper cranes on the spot, and sent a message of peace.

Photo by Zhang Yao issued by China News Service

14 years

When the Chinese nation is at its most dangerous

Heroic Chinese people

Not overwhelmed by difficulties!

Even more will not bow your head in front of humiliation!

In August 1945, Japan was defeated and surrendered

This is since the Opium War in 1840

China's first complete victory against foreign invasion

Data map: A slogan commemorating the "9.18" Don't forget history and revitalize China was hung in front of the site of the Chongqing bombing.

The picture shows the relatives of the victims of the bombing in silence.

Photo by Chen Chao

History is the best textbook

It's also the best sober


When Shenyang once again sounded the harsh air defense alarm

That is to warn posterity

The national humiliation 90 years ago cannot be forgotten or dare not forget!

Data map: One hundred college students in Yangzhou, Jiangsu put up characters such as "918" and "Don't forget the national humiliation" in the school stadium to call on the public to remember history and not forget the national humiliation.

Photo by Meng Delong

"September 18"

A scar that cannot be healed in the Chinese heart

A memorial that billions of Chinese children can't forget

Everyone is responsible for the rise and fall of the country

Be prepared for danger in times of time, and the alarm bell will ring

Don't forget the country

We must not be afraid of hardships and dangers, and unite the spirit of struggle


We must work together to forge national rejuvenation!

  Author: Peng Ningling