China News Service, September 18, reported that on the 17th local time, French officials announced that they would immediately recall the French ambassador to the United States and Australia to protest the agreement reached by the United States and Australia to provide nuclear submarines earlier this week.

Analysis believes that the relationship between the United States and France is in a "crisis."

Data map: French President Macron.


Dissatisfaction with being "played" by the US-Australia agreement

France recalls its ambassador to the U.S. and Australia

  According to reports, the French official announced that it would immediately recall the French ambassador to the United States, Philippe étienne.

On the same day, the French ambassador to Australia was also recalled.

It is reported that after Australia reached a nuclear submarine agreement with the United States, it turned around and cancelled the tens of billions of dollars of submarine contract signed with France. France angrily denounced this act as "stabbing a knife in the back."

  French Foreign Minister Le Drian said that the "unusual" decision to recall the ambassador was "made at the request of President Macron."

  Le Drian said in the statement that Australia's cancellation of the traditional power submarine contract with France and the purchase of nuclear submarines from the United States is "completely unacceptable."

He said on the 17th that the trust relationship established with Australia has been destroyed.

  Philippe étienne, the French ambassador to the United States, later said on social media that (this agreement) "directly affects our vision of allies, partnerships, and the importance of the Indo-Pacific region to Europe." On the same day, a White House official stated that the US government I regret the actions of France and hope to contact France in the next few days to resolve the differences caused by the agreement.

Data map: US President Biden.

Escalation of diplomatic crisis!

France-US relations may enter a "difficult phase"

  In addition, France, "in a fit of anger," has cancelled the "commemorative event to commemorate the 240th anniversary of the Battle of the Cape" originally scheduled to be held at the French Embassy in Washington on the evening of the 17th.

  An anonymous French diplomat said that the French-US relations are in a "crisis" because France only learned about the news just before the US-Australia agreement was announced.

Agence France-Presse also said that the diplomatic crisis between Paris, Washington and Canberra has escalated.

  According to the Associated Press analysis, this recall is Macron's boldest foreign policy move since he became president.

Although during this period, he has been seeking to strengthen France's role in European decision-making and reduce Europe's dependence on the US military.

  The "New York Times" also said that this agreement may deepen the conflict between the United States and Europe.

The newspaper quoted expert analysis as saying that the relationship between Paris and Washington will go through a "very difficult" period.

The agreement shows that in many areas, the UK is still a higher priority partner than France.

  On the 15th, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia established the US-UK-Australia trilateral security partnership named "AUKUS".

The first task under this tripartite framework is to help Australia develop nuclear-powered submarines.