(Fighting New Coronary Pneumonia) Viral genome sequencing results of 56 cases of positive infection in Fujian: all Delta mutant strains

  China News Service, Fuzhou, September 17 (Zheng Jiang Luo Longmin) Zhang Guoan, deputy director of the Fujian Provincial Health Commission, revealed in Fuzhou on the 17th that the Fujian Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention performed viral genome sequencing on positive infections, and 56 cases have been found. The analysis is all Delta variants, which belong to the same transmission chain.

  In the afternoon, the Fujian Provincial Government Information Office held a press conference on epidemic prevention and control to inform the latest situation of epidemic prevention and control.

According to reports, from September 10 to September 17 at 8:00, Fujian Province has reported a total of 272 local positive infections, including 263 confirmed cases (160 in Putian City, 18 in Quanzhou, 84 in Xiamen, and 1 in Zhangzhou. Cases), 9 cases of asymptomatic infection (all in Putian City).

  At the press conference, Zhang Guoan said that at present, 272 cases of local positive infections in Fujian Province are admitted to designated hospitals, and all the infected are in stable condition; of the existing 263 confirmed cases, 2 cases are severe, and the rest are mild or ordinary. type.

  In response to the characteristics of the patient, the Fujian Provincial Health Commission has mobilized 164 medical staff to assist in the area where the epidemic occurred, including 62 pediatric experts; selected psychologists to station in designated hospitals to provide psychological counseling for patients and improve front-line medical treatment capabilities; Under the guidance of the national authoritative expert team, the relevant designated hospitals implemented one-person-one-case, and integrated Chinese and Western medicine diagnosis and treatment to carry out rescue work.

  Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Fengting Town, Xianyou County, Putian City has completed 4 rounds of nucleic acid tests for all employees, Xianyou County has completed 2 rounds of nucleic acid tests for all employees, and Putian City has completed 1 round of nucleic acid tests for all employees; Tongan District, Xiamen and Quanzhou Quangang District has completed one round of nucleic acid testing for all employees, and Xiamen City has completed one round of nucleic acid sampling for all employees.

  Zhang Guoan said that as of 24:00 on September 16, Putian City, Quanzhou City and Xiamen City had completed more than 13.911 million nucleic acid samples, and completed more than 11.784 million testing; Putian, Quanzhou, Xiamen, and Zhangzhou have tracked and implemented centralized quarantine. 14,129 people.

  Fujian implements the "should be separated" key groups.

Fujian has now set up 231 centralized isolation points (isolated hotels) and plans to isolate 29,000 rooms to provide a solid guarantee for the realization of the goal of dynamic clearing of close connections and sub-close connections.