Olivier Poels 5:40 p.m., September 17, 2021

When we talk about nougat, it is obviously the city of Montélimar that comes to mind (even if it is a candy made throughout the Mediterranean basin).

Today the French capital of this little candy, Montélimar is not however at its origin.

The word "nougat" is derived from the Latin "nux gatum" (cake with honey and nuts), but the recipe has nothing to do with that of nougat.

The latter appears in the 10th century in an Arab cookbook from Baghdad, it is then called Native and it is said to originate from Harran in Turkey.

It would have been propagated by the Phoenicians and it is the city of Marseille that stands out first in its preparation.

The first mentions of nougat in Montélimar date back to 1097, but its development and the development of the current recipe come in the 17th century, with the introduction into the region of the almond tree (thank you Olivier de Serres) and the addition of egg white to the dough.

Today there are many versions of nougats in Italy (torrone), France, Spain (tùrron), but also in the Maghreb, Greece or even Iran.

Frozen nougat recipe

Ingredients :

- 250 gr of nougat

- 50 cl of liquid cream

1. Gently heat the cream 

2. Slowly melt the nougats

3. Mix everything

4. Pour into a mold and place in the freezer