Breaking news of 'suspicion of accusation'. Amid allegations, we have delivered the news that the draft of the indictment letter used by the United Future Party, the predecessor of the People's Power, to accuse Rep. Choi Kang-wook last year is similar. However, the public's position is that it is difficult to determine who the messenger is, and the story of the informant, Jo Seong-eun, is changing little by little.

Reporter Park Won-kyung on the sidewalk.

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People's Power even confirmed that the draft of the complaint was brought in August of last year by an aide to lawmaker Jeong Jeong-sik, the head of the legal support group.

However, it is unknown who the aides received from.

[Lee Jun-seok / Representative of the People's Power: The part that is most mired in the labyrinth is whether or not Rep. Kim Woong was the only way to enter the party after the document was created.]

Kim Jae-won, director of the Gongmyung Election Promotion Division After the general election last year, I told aide to Rep. Jeong that there was no way to determine who received the draft in question as data came in from various places.

News Bus reported that the informant, Jo Seong-eun, was known to have delivered the complaint received from Rep. Kim Woong to the party's legal support team.

However, Cho said in an SBS interview that he did not deliver it to the party.

[Mr. Seong-eun Jo (last 12 days): There is no such thing as a discussion by accurately conveying the contents of the document.]

When there was even a report that Mr. Cho had made an oral report at an informal meeting attended by the party's election chairman, Mr. Cho countered that he still had no information and only consulted.

[Cho Seong-eun (YTN Radio Hwang Bo-seon's Departure Morning): I received a complaint from the Supreme Prosecutor's

Office, and I gave him

a brief discussion like this.]

Mr. Cho said he'd never seen a meeting with Park Ji-won, the head of the National Intelligence Service, since August 11. However, he corrected that he drank tea even at the end of August.

Amid the criticism that the question mark is growing on credibility, Mr. Cho said that he would not do media interviews in the future.

(Video coverage: Kim Heung-gi, video editing: Yumira)