China News Service, Taizhou, September 17 (Fan Yubin and Wang Lei) "Youths are the future of society. I hope to do my best to donate teaching aids, encourage teachers and students to work hard, realize their dreams, and help the development of education." Said Wu Fabin, chairman of the Taiwanese Enterprises Association of Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province and chairman of Shenzhen Tianhao Industrial Co., Ltd.

  The reporter was informed on the 17th that the third "Shengshun Scholarship for Education" award ceremony was held on the 16th at Lingshi Middle School in Taizhou. Taiwanese compatriots Wu Fabin and his wife Lin Guizhen donated 56800 yuan in scholarships and scholarships to reward them. Aid 73 students and 28 teachers.

  At the second "Shengshun Scholarship and Teaching Fellowship" award ceremony held in Lingshi Junior Middle School, 36,800 yuan was donated for scholarships and bursaries, and 59 students and 19 teachers were awarded.

The 2nd "Shengshun Scholarship and Teaching Fund" Award Ceremony of Lingshi Junior Middle School Photographed by Chen Zhimin

  "I must be grateful, bearing in mind the care and help of Mr. Wu and all walks of life, studying hard, and repaying with more outstanding results." said a student representative who won the prize.

  It is reported that the "Shengshun Scholarship for Education" was established in 2011 by Wu Fabin in the name of his father. It is mainly used to subsidize poor students at school and reward teachers and students with outstanding achievements.

Since receiving the "Charity Stick" from his father in 1999, Wu Fabin has been enthusiastic about education and public welfare, donating teaching equipment and teaching awards to schools in need.

  In September 2018, Wu Fabin donated 26 sets of multimedia teaching equipment worth more than 500,000 yuan to Lingshi Middle School, and set up the "Shengshun Scholarship for Teaching"; in 2019, the award of teaching scholarship was 32,600 yuan; in 2020, at Lingshi Elementary School The middle school established the "Shengshun Scholarship and Teaching Scholarship" and issued more than 80,000 yuan in scholarships to Lingshi Middle School and Lingshi Junior Middle School.