China News Service, Beijing, September 17. Zhu Fenglian, spokesperson for the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, said in response to an inquiry on the 17th that the DPP authorities tried to rely on external forces to seek "independence" and failed.

  A reporter asked. According to reports, the Prime Minister of Slovenia recently sent a letter to the leaders of European Union countries to make negative remarks about Taiwan.

The DPP authorities expressed gratitude for this.

Any comment on this?

Zhu Fenglian made the above remarks when answering questions.

  Zhu Fenglian said that my relevant departments have stated my solemn position.

She once again emphasized that there is only one China in the world and Taiwan is an inalienable part of Chinese territory.

The one-China principle is the universally recognized norm of international relations and the universal consensus of the international community.

Slovenia should earnestly fulfill its serious commitments on the Taiwan issue when it established diplomatic relations with China, abide by the one-China principle, and handle Taiwan-related issues prudently.