, September 17th. Liu Zhongyi, director of the Criminal Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, said at the press conference of the State Information Office on the 17th that the Ministry of Public Security has deployed national public security organs to carry out the "reunion" operation this year. So far, the missing persons have been recovered over the years. 4142 children were abducted, of which the longest span of 61 years, 206 cases of child abduction and trafficking were cracked, and 543 suspects of abduction and trafficking were arrested.

  According to Liu Zhongyi, according to statistics, since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, public security organs at all levels across the country have uncovered 5,135 child trafficking cases, arrested 23,000 criminal suspects, rescued a large number of abducted children, and the number of child abduction crimes has been reported every year. Decline, from 5907 in 2012 to 666 in 2020.

The number of cases of child robbery that has attracted much attention from the public has dropped to about 20 cases per year, with a detection rate of over 95%.

  Liu Zhongyi pointed out that the main methods are:

  The first is to persist in opening the way to effectively curb criminal activities of kidnapping and trafficking in children.

We insist on implementing the responsibility system of "one long-term and three guarantees" for child trafficking cases. For serious and large trans-regional trafficking cases, the Ministry of Public Security directly directs the investigation and conducts close cooperation with the cases involved to rescue the abducted children.

This year, the Ministry of Public Security deployed public security organs across the country to carry out the "Reunion" operation. So far, 4,142 missing and abducted children have been recovered in the past years. Among them, the longest time span is 61 years. 206 cases of child abduction and trafficking have been solved and 543 suspects of abduction and trafficking have been arrested. .

  The second is to insist on scientific and technological support to quickly find missing and abducted children.

The "Reunion" system, an emergency release platform for children's missing information of the Ministry of Public Security has been established. With the missing place as the center, the information of missing children is pushed to the masses through mobile application software to realize quick search.

Since 2016, a total of 4,863 missing children have been released, and 4,792 children have been recovered, with a recovery rate of 98.5%.

In 2009, a nationwide DNA system for abduction was established and perfected, the DNA information of the parents of abducted children and suspected persons was collected in a timely manner, and the technical comparison battle was continuously organized and 10764 children abducted over the years have been successfully recovered.

  The third is to adhere to comprehensive management and build a long-term anti-trafficking mechanism.

Give full play to the role of the anti-trafficking inter-ministerial joint meeting led by the Ministry of Public Security and the participation of 35 ministries and commissions to form a joint effort to draft and promulgate the "China's Action Plan against Human Trafficking (2021-2030)", adhere to the multi-channel publicity and launch of the whole society, and use the media Strengthen the public’s awareness of anti-trafficking and anti-trafficking, formulate child safety education courses such as anti-abduction, sexual assault, anti-fraud, and anti-school bullying, and actively carry out online publicity, covering more than 88.99 million students in 213,000 schools across the country.

  The fourth is to persist in improving the law to support the fight against criminal activities.

Promote the "Criminal Law Amendment (9)" to add a clause that "the act of buying and selling abducted women and children shall be investigated for criminal responsibility".

In conjunction with the Supreme Law and the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, the "Opinions on Punishing the Crimes of Trafficking in Women and Children" and "Interpretations on Several Issues Concerning the Specific Application of Law in Trial of Crimes of Trafficking in Women and Children" have been issued to provide legal support for the fight against crimes.

  Liu Zhongyi said that in the next step, the public security organs will continue to strike hard, crack down on the criminal activities of child trafficking in strict accordance with the law, and solidly advance various work measures to actively respond to the new expectations and requirements of the people in order to maintain social stability and peace. Ensure people's peace and make new and greater contributions.