A shop selling smoking accessories mixes “molasses” with “liquor”

The Public Prosecution Office in Dubai presented a story from its files of a crime that reflects a degree of unscrupulousness for the perpetrator - according to the lawsuit papers - a shop owner specializing in smoking supplies who was caught red-handed selling hookah honey mixed with liquor, to combine the harms of smoking and alcohol that can kill the health of its users.

The Public Prosecution Office of Dubai, Abdullah Sultan Al Sharif, said that the case deals with the incident of seizing a shop selling types of molasses used for smoking hookah after mixing it with alcohol, in a way that makes it a very dangerous commodity for various segments of society, especially young people and adolescents of both sexes. Those who are drawn to this type of intoxicating molasses to the point of fatal addiction.

He added that the irony, as narrated by a worker in the shop during the investigations, lies in the fact that the shop manager, who is the owner of the idea outside the framework of logic and contrary to the simplest human controls, was performing the congregational prayer in the mosque when one of the investigation agents came to the shop in disguise after receiving information about the suspicious activity of the shop. He expressed his desire to buy 30 boxes of that molasses, and immediately the manager went to one of the nearby emirates, then quickly returned with the required quantity of molasses mixed with wine, to be caught red-handed and put an end to his crimes.

In the referral order, the Public Prosecution confirmed that the store manager and his employee sell a type of tobacco that contains additives harmful to health and the mind, including ethyl alcohol, which depresses the central nervous system, and accordingly, the accused and the criminal case were referred to the Misdemeanors and Violations Court to be punished according to the indictment articles.

He explained that there are several dangers of smoking such a hookah, as it can affect awareness, and expose its users to accidents if he moves his car, in addition to its negative effects on health.

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