Ms. Dahmen, which topics are decisive for the cross on your ballot paper this year?

Kira Kramer

Editor on duty at FAZ.NET.

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The most important issue for me is the climate, it has top priority. The climate crisis is not waiting, something has to happen now. Of course, I know that you can't turn everything around overnight. Nevertheless, it makes sense to me to reduce the bureaucracy. Here in Baden-Württemberg, where I live, it takes forever to get a wind turbine up and running because the approval process is dragging on. That should change. Other federal states are already further along in terms of electricity generation using wind turbines and photovoltaics. The other important topic for me is education. And by that I don't just mean who is best at using a computer. But also a guide to be thoughtful. The Chancellor candidates disappoint me in this respect: They hardly pause to think.It goes from exchange to exchange of blows. I have never voted for the CDU in my life, but Armin Laschet at least takes a break, listens and thinks. Nevertheless, I will not vote for the CDU.

Which of the debates that you discussed in the context of “Germany speaks” is what worries you the most?

Spontaneously I would say gendering!

I consider it to be of secondary importance in terms of society as a whole, but it is interesting to see what role it plays for some people.

Some young women seem to think their identities depend on the asterisk.

I think the language has a right to develop - but without compulsion.

Then I have to say “politicians”, that takes a moment longer, but everyone feels that they are being addressed.

I do not think it makes sense to shorten it with symbols of all kinds.

I have to say that in the address line I also write out the word “street” instead of abbreviation “street”.

As I get older, I suspect abbreviations - and most of all, they are not pretty.

On the other hand, it was not easy for me to just compare the answers to some of the questions in the debate. For example with the question “Is Germany a racist country?”. Our Basic Law prohibits racism, but people's attitudes vary from person to person. I also believe that there is also a downside to racism: There are people who expect that their identity as a migrant deserves preferential treatment. For me, as long as a person behaves properly, I will treat him the same way. It is important to me that all people are equal. Therefore, I have sympathy for Tübingen's Lord Mayor Boris Palmer (Greens). However, if someone tells me they are voting for AfD because their life's work is not recognized, I can only say: My life's work is also not recognized,But that doesn't matter to me and doesn't justify a choice of the AfD.

Did your discussions in the context of “Germany speaks” also help you to make your voting decision?