China News Service, Xinxiang, Henan, September 16th, title: Lin's Ancestral Temple and Bigan Temple are restarted: Lin's fundraising at home and abroad exceeds one million for repairs

  Author Kan Li Li Chaoqing Wang Dengfeng

  "The suffering is only temporary." "The severe cold is about to go, and spring is here!" In the past few days, Lin Zunwen has continuously sent encouraging messages to reporters from China News Agency. confidence.

  Lin Zunwen is a Malaysian Chinese and the Secretary-General of the World Lin Clan Association.

In late July this year, many parts of Henan were hit by heavy rains. The Bigan Temple of the Lin surnamed Zuci in Weihui City, the hardest hit area, was also hit by floods and suffered varying degrees of damage.

  "Wei Hui than Gan Temple, the roots of Lin in the world".

Public information shows that the Bigan Temple is the tomb of Bigan, the great official of the Yin and Shang royal family and the ancestor of the Lin surname, and the birthplace of the ancestor Lin Jian.

  As the root of Lin's ancestors, Bigan Temple is a holy place for Lin's descendants at home and abroad to dream and worship.

In particular, the commemorative ceremony of Bigan’s birthday held here on the fourth day of the fourth lunar month of the lunar calendar attracts tens of thousands of people of Bigan’s descendants and children from the Lin family at home and abroad to pay homage to ancestors and inherit family traditions.

  The disaster of Bigan Temple affects the hearts of Lin Zunwen and other descendants of Lin family at home and abroad.

The Lin Family Association of the World sent a letter to the Lin family to initiate fund-raising activities. The Lin family members in Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia and other countries, as well as Hong Kong, Taiwan and other regions in China responded and raised more than one million yuan to help The temple was repaired.

  So, what is the damage to the Bigan Temple, which has attracted much attention from the descendants of the Lin family at home and abroad, and the progress of post-disaster reconstruction?

A reporter from China News Agency recently rushed to the Bigan Temple to find out.

  The Bigan Temple, known as the "First Temple in the World", is located in the north of Bigan Road in Weihui City.

After a lapse of more than a month, traces of flood damage to the main urban road named after Bigan are faintly visible. There is still water in the low-lying areas of the roadside, and the sections of the road that have been washed away by the flood have entered the state of construction.

  Entering the Bigan Temple, visitors in twos and threes took pictures or studied the inscriptions.

A gap in a collapsed fence has been pulled into the fence.

  "The damaged wall in the temple area was nearly 200 meters long, mainly due to floods soaking the wall foundation for a long time." Ma Junqu, deputy general manager of the Bigan Temple Scenic Area, said that the gates, halls, and memorial halls were also damaged to varying degrees. At present, Bigan The temple area has submitted the post-disaster restoration plan to the cultural relics authority for approval.

  In the Bigan Temple, the "World Lin Family History and Cultural Relics Museum" donated by the World Lin Clan Association has attracted the attention of Lin Zunwen and other descendants of the Lin family. Fortunately, the museum was not greatly affected by the flood.

  On September 10, the Bigan Temple scenic spot officially restarted, and visitors kept coming for several days.

Lin Feng from Taizhou, Zhejiang is a volunteer who participated in the auto repair in the disaster-stricken area in Henan. After the disaster, Lin Feng rushed to Weihui to repair the water tanker for the local area on a voluntary basis.

As a descendant of the Lin family, it is his long-cherished wish to pay homage to Bigan, the first ancestor of Lin's surname.

On the day Bigan Temple restarted, Lin Feng went to pay a visit early in the morning before leaving for his hometown.

  In Lin Zunwen’s view, the early restoration of the Bigan Temple is what he and other Lin clan relatives are most concerned about. And use this as a link to carry it forward." (End)