He plans his burial place

Trump seeks to allocate a plot of land for a cemetery for him and his family

Trump's proposed graveyard.

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Former US President Donald Trump got into a long argument with his neighbors at his country club in Bedminster over his plans to set up his own cemetery, in which he wants to be buried when he dies. Years of local authorities allocating a plot of land for a family burial ground, behind the first teeing point at his sprawling 520-acre golf club, 40 miles west of New York, Trump also made a proposal to build another cemetery to sell to club members who wanted it.

The proposal continues to cause tension between the Trump Organization, which owns the club, and the Bidminster Land Use Board, with Bidminster Land Use Board Secretary Janine de Leon reportedly saying she had no updates on the cemetery proposal.

“The rules we set were limited to a certain number of cemeteries,” former GOP committee member Sally Rubin said, adding, “Who cares what they do with their hundreds of acres?” The Washington Post reported in 2017. Cemetery plans approved.

A member of the Land Use Board said they were "puzzled" by the request, and former chairman of the board, Robert Holtaway, told the newspaper, "It didn't make sense to me." He adds, "We don't question the motives as a land use board."

In 2007, Trump said he wanted to build a "19-foot-high" family mausoleum made of stone at his National Golf Course in New Jersey, telling the New York Post: "It's something no one likes to think about, but it makes sense." Beautiful land, and Bedminster one of the richest places in the country.”

Now that Trump is 75 years old, he is preparing for another run of the presidential contest in 2024. President Trump already has a family cemetery in Olfith, where his parents and brother Fred are buried, so it came as a surprise when Trump announced that he wanted a shrine to himself in New Jersey.

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