Good evening,

is the corona situation good or bad right now?

Everyone lost their bearings a bit this week, but we're happy to help.

Let's make do with the seven-day incidence, which has gone out of fashion: It has fallen slightly in Hesse, from 96 to 91. That's pretty nice after the weeks of the increase.

We all have to get used to the other value: The hospitalization incidence is currently 2.2 after 2.5 in the previous days.

It only becomes dangerous from eight, according to the state government.

Then further restrictions threaten, but these have not yet been named.

The government just makes it exciting.

Manfred Koehler

Deputy head of the regional section of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and editor-in-chief of the business magazine Metropol.

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The most important question is, of course, whether restaurateurs, hairdressers and others will join in and lock out those who have not been vaccinated so that they will bow to the pressure and still be vaccinated, albeit reluctantly. Although we at the quality press always want to answer all questions the readers might have immediately, we unfortunately have to ask for your patience at this point. The rules have only been in effect since Thursday, you should at least wait for the weekend before editors patrol bars and barbers to check whether 3G or 2G still applies there. But we will hand it in later, we promise.

We here in our chic editorial office in Frankfurt's Gallusviertel are quality press because we don't just look back, but always look ahead.

Especially on Friday, because this issue of the FAZ not only deals in detail with Germany's future, no, you can also look at it,

the future, in all kinds of animated graphics that, if you have a smartphone, come across to you in three dimensions from the newspaper.

In the Rhine-Main part, for example, it is about how Frankfurt's heat supply should look like in the future.

The waste and the data centers in the city play a special role, as colleague Inga Janovic writes.

Quite futuristic when you consider that coal, oil and gas have mainly been used for heating up to now.

And in addition

, 240,000 apartments can be created in the Rhine-Main area just by adding another


, as scientists have found


Wiesbaden will be a model city for pedestrians


is the headline of the day in the Friday


“Tango dance with the dead pig”, and we don't feel like explaining what the article is about, because then the tension would be fluttering.

I wish you a pleasant weekend

Yours Manfred Köhler

The tip for the weekend

The name is a little tongue twister, but that hasn't done anything to the popularity of the “Leuchtendroter” restaurant.

The unconventional vegetarian restaurant in the Hotel Lindley Lindenberg in Frankfurt's Ostend combines design-oriented furnishings and solid gastronomy with a good price-performance ratio.

It is cooked heartily, sometimes also lush, because the kitchen does not want to do without butter, cream and eggs.

The vegan dishes on the menu show what is possible with vegetables and pulses, fruit, herbs and nuts.

"Leuchtendroter", Lindleystraße 17, Frankfurt, phone 0170/8180457, Internet



for Friday: After regional fog in the morning there is a mix of sunshine and clouds.

The temperature rises to 22 degrees.




Dagmar Bollin-Flade

, managing partner of the armatures factory Christian Bollin, Oberursel, holder of the citizen medal of the city of Frankfurt (65);

Reinhard Hoffmann

, Medical Director of the Accident Clinic in Frankfurt (64);

Markus Krösche

, sports director of Eintracht Frankfurt Fußball AG (41);

Kolja Saß

(FDP), from 2016 to April 2021 parliamentary group leader in the district council of the Main-Kinzig-Kreis (35);

on Saturday:

Patrik Meyer

, Managing Director of Eintracht Frankfurt Stadion GmbH (53);

Axel Schlosser

, jazz musician living in Frankfurt, solo trumpeter in the Frankfurt Radio Bigband (45);

Maximilian Bieri

(SPD), parliamentary group leader in the Hanau City Council (31);

on Sunday: Dominike Pauli

(Die Linke), parliamentary group leader in the Frankfurt City Council (63);

Reinhard Grindel

, former President of the German Football Association, Frankfurt (60);

Norbert Kleinle

, CEO of the Kreissparkasse Groß-Gerau (58);

Ugur Sahin

, cancer researcher and immunologist, co-founder and CEO of BioNTech SE, Mainz (56).