He is known for slips of the tongue

The US President forgets the name of the Prime Minister of Australia

US President Joe Biden appears to have forgotten the name of Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison as he announced a new security partnership on Wednesday.

The president committed this slip of the tongue during a virtual press conference, joined by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Scott Morrison, to Biden, to reveal the "Ocos" alliance, through which America and Britain will help Australia build a nuclear-powered submarine fleet.

Morrison spoke first at the conference, followed by Johnson, then Biden took the stage and thanked the UK prime minister for his introduction, saying: "Thank you, Boris."

But when he turned to Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, he seemed to have forgotten his name, leaving him in awkward silence for a while, before saying, "I thank...ah...that friend." I appreciate that, sir. I'm the prime minister.

This snapshot instantly went viral on social media, was viewed thousands of times on Twitter, and the hashtag “#that friend over there” went viral, and one Twitter user compared it to the embarrassing moment when someone meets an acquaintance but can’t remember its name.

Biden is known for his slips of the tongue. In an interview with ABC News last August, he falsely claimed, or erroneously, that his son Beau, who died of a brain tumor in May 2015, was his age at the time. 46, he served in Afghanistan, then he corrected himself and said it was Iraq, but he also claimed that Boe was in the Navy, when in fact he was in the army, and the president again had to correct himself.

Biden falters in his answer: "You know, I'm sure he regretted coming from Afghanistan - I mean from Iraq" - "He regretted what - how - how is it going, but the idea - what's the alternative?

Why becomes the alternative to stay in Afghanistan?

Why are we there?”

Biden has struggled with stuttering since he was a child, but he appears to challenge this disability while public speaking, putting in decades of work improving his speeches.

The media described the new tripartite defense and security partnership between the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia as a "milestone" to protect and defend common interests in the strategically important Indo-Pacific region, and the first initiative within the framework of Ocos will be cooperation in the future, on submarines operating Nuclear power in the Royal Australian Navy, an initiative aimed at promoting stability in the Indo-Pacific region.

When Biden turned to Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, he seemed to forget his name, leaving him in awkward silence for a while.

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