It was on Wednesday that an employee at Karsudden was attacked and beaten by two patients who then locked themselves in a lock.

Tomas Alm, who has worked at Karsudden for 38 years, has been involved in many different incidents over the years and it is not always that everything that happens in the workplace is reported.

- These are incidents that can occur in just a short second.

It is not always easy to predict such things.

But we may need to get better at capturing threatening signals from patients in the past and taking them more seriously, he says.

Tough work climate

He thinks it's tough to work in forensics.

- These are probably the heaviest psychiatric cases in Sweden.

It is important that we have a well-trained staff, which I think we have.

In the clip, Alm tells more about how tough everyday life can be for the employees at Karsudden.