“Regarding turnover fines.

In the near future we will make a decision on the application of turnover fines for a number of these companies.

For those for which we already have grounds to apply a fine, we plan to apply it.

These are foreign companies - Facebook, Google and Twitter, ”he told reporters.

Subbotin added that such decisions will be made in the relations of those who systematically violate the requirements of Roskomnadzor.

“This story is already more serious.

Because now there are court decisions that have come into force on the imposition of fines in the amount of over 130 million rubles.

Moreover, according to three resolutions, Twitter never paid the fine, "TASS quotes him.

On September 14, a Moscow court fined Facebook 21 million rubles for refusing to remove content prohibited in Russia, the total amount of fines exceeding 90 million rubles.

Twitter was fined another 5 million rubles.

In August, a RUB 1.3 billion turnover fine was imposed on Booking.com BV (Netherlands) for “abuse of market dominance”.