Isolate himself for fear of infection

Putin confirms that dozens of officials in his close circle have been infected with "Corona"

Putin isolated himself after the outbreak of the disease was announced among members of the Kremlin.


In a frankness that the world has not known before, Russian President Vladimir Putin confirmed that dozens of people in his close circle to the Kremlin have tested positive for the "Corona" virus, which has affected more than seven million people in the severely affected country. Earlier this week, Putin, 68, said he had self-isolated after declaring the outbreak among members of his entourage. Speaking via video link, Putin said, at a meeting of a Moscow-led security coalition: (Corona) in my inner circle, not just for one or two people, but dozens of people.”

Putin had been scheduled to attend the CSTO meeting in Dushanbe himself, but said on Tuesday he would join remotely instead.

The news of the extent of the outbreak in the Kremlin comes a day before Russia's faltering three-day parliamentary elections, and authorities have done their best to protect Putin, who has been vaccinated with Russia's Sputnik vaccine since the start of the pandemic.

Foreign leaders, journalists and officials had to isolate themselves before meeting with the Russian leader.

This week, Putin met Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and the athletes returning from the Paralympic Games in Tokyo, before the Kremlin announced that it would isolate itself.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters that Putin was "in perfect health" and underwent a test for the "Corona virus", without specifying the result. his circuit, he will monitor the self-isolation system for a certain period of time.”

The Kremlin statement said that Putin's scheduled dates will be attended by video conference.

And that “isolation does not directly affect the president’s work.

But there will be no face-to-face events for some time.”

Russia is among the countries hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic, with the eighth highest number of cases globally.

As of Tuesday, it had officially recorded more than 7 million cases and 190,000 deaths, according to data from the World Health Organization.

It is currently battling a devastating third wave of infections, with weekly deaths at some of the highest levels so far.

Russia has developed many COVID-19 vaccines, but is constantly battling low vaccination rates - a problem caused by high levels of hesitation among its population.

Just over a quarter of Russians have been vaccinated, compared to more than half in the US and two-thirds in the UK, according to Our Scientist in Data.

Foreign leaders, journalists and officials should isolate themselves before meeting with the Russian leader.

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