China News Service, September 16th. According to the US "World Journal" report, the Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching. In the United States, supermarket shelves are full of various moon cakes, but many consumers have found that the price of moon cakes this year is significantly higher than in previous years. On the high side, due to a 50% increase in ocean freight containers, the industry has also increased prices.

On the contrary, even if the supermarket mooncakes are selling well, the business of the community bakery has not improved. Due to the continuation of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, many offices have not resumed normal work, causing the bakery to lose a lot of large orders.

  Manhattan Chinatown Baoronghang began to put mooncakes on its shelves in mid-July this year. On the 15th, employees of the store said that the mooncakes of well-known brands such as Maxim, Ronghua and Kee Wah are all sold out.

The employee said that this year's shipping container increased from USD 5,000 to USD 6,000 to USD 20,000. The supermarket purchase price alone increased by 40% to 50%, and the price of moon cakes also soared.

  Mr. Lin, a Chinese who went to the supermarket to buy mooncakes that day, said that he preferred the brand of mooncakes and gave priority to the well-known old brands. He needed to buy mooncakes every year as a gift. He found that the mooncakes of the "Guangzhou Restaurant" brand were about 40 boxes last year. The US dollar has risen to US$50 this year, and the price of moon cakes has obviously risen.

  However, not all mooncake sales in all stores are in good condition. Ms. Chen, an employee of Mott St., said that due to the ongoing epidemic, office workers have not returned to the office to work. This year, the store has reduced large orders and orders. All of them are individual customers, so the overall sales situation is not enthusiastic, and the business is quite difficult to do.

(Yan Jiaying)