In order to determine the characteristics of the weather in the Arabian Peninsula

Khalifa University conducts scientific research on the causes of high temperature in the country

The research seeks to identify the problem of climate change in the region.

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Khalifa University of Science reported that its researchers are seeking to achieve a deep scientific understanding of the processes that affect the climate in the Arabian Peninsula, by conducting scientific research that shows the causes of high temperatures in the summer in the UAE, with the aim of simulating variables and conducting projects focused on climate changes in the region in the future.

In detail, PhD researcher Dr. Ricardo Fonseca, Senior Research Scientist, Head of the Environmental and Geophysical Sciences Laboratory at Khalifa University, Dr. Diana Francis, PhD researcher Narendra Nelly and Dr. Mohan Thuta, from the Indian National Center for Medium-Range Weather Forecasting, carried out the research of two atmospheric systems that are responsible for determining The nature of the climate in the region, namely the low temperature regime in the Arabian Peninsula and the tropical imbalance regime, the researchers published the results of their study in the prestigious International Journal of Climateology.

Scientists were able to develop accurate climate models by using more data about the way the weather systems interact in the region, which in turn contributes to improving the level of prediction of changes that occur to those systems in the region in the future, which is of great importance in light of the accelerating climate changes caused by On the problem of human-caused climate change.

The researchers noted, through the variables of the low temperature regime in the Arab region, in the past 41 years, that this system provides a clear positive approach related to the rise in air and surface temperatures in the region, stressing that the rise in temperatures on the surface of the land in the region is more evident in low temperature areas.

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