He was driving drunk, unlicensed and in the wrong direction.

Wednesday evening, around 10 pm, a police patrol which crossed a bridge not far from the central police station of Toulouse fell "nose to nose" with a car in the wrong direction.

The police immediately placed their vehicle across to stop it and turned on their flashing light.

The driver did not comply.

He continued his mad race, this time taking an upside-down boulevard and grilling politeness at a second patrol car trying to intercept it.

Judged this Friday

In the heat of the moment, the driver took all the risks, turning sharply to the right in what he believed to be a street.

It was in fact the main entrance to the police station, the gates of which stopped him.

After a night of sobering up, the 34-year-old man was referred this Thursday afternoon to the prosecution for "refusal to comply aggravated by endangering the life of others", "driving while intoxicated in recidivism ”and“ driving without a license for recidivism ”.

He must be judged Friday in immediate appearance.


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