In order to avoid congestion during the match, the county administrative board in Gävleborg together with Brynäs IF has inspected the arena.

- We can divide the arena into different sections of 300 visitors, says Pernilla Dahlborg acting club director Brynäs IF.

1850 in the stands

In addition to 400 guests in restaurants and lodges, a total of 1,850 people can be admitted to the spectator area.

Based on current restrictions, the club has the opportunity to have 50 people standing.

- We will encounter problems and then you have to solve them on the spot.

Only the operator addresses the problems when they arise, says Joakim Hellgren who is department manager at the County Administrative Board

Audience restrictions must be removed

From 29 September, the government has announced that the audience restrictions in connection with, among other things, sporting events will be removed.

This would mean that Brynäs could increase the number of spectators to up to 7900 people.

In the clip, you can see and hear more about the problems that may arise in connection with the match.