It is possible that the Chinese side has refused to call the German Navy's frigate, which departed last month, toward the Indo-Pacific region, and the Chinese side has opposed plans to pass through the South China Sea, which China is promoting to become a military base.

It was the German frigate "Bayern" that China refused to call.

"Bavaria" departed from a naval base in northern Germany for the Indo-Pacific region on the 2nd of last month.

After calling at Australia and Guam, I was planning to call at Japan around November, and after that, I was asked to call at Shanghai, China.

A spokesman for the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on the 15th, "China has decided not to call at the port, and we are aware of it," and said that the Chinese side refused to call at the port.

The German government is strengthening ties with countries that share values ​​such as Japan and Australia through this dispatch amid growing concerns about China's expansion into the ocean, while China, which is the largest trading partner, is decisive. I wanted to avoid such conflicts.

The frigate will participate in joint training with Japan, Australia, etc. during the voyage until February next year, and will also pass through the South China Sea, where China is promoting military bases, and it is possible that the Chinese side opposed such a plan. ..

China Ministry of Foreign Affairs Avoid confirmation of refusal to call

"China attaches great importance to the development of strategic partnerships with Germany, including the military side," Zhao Lijian, a spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, said at a press conference on the 16th regarding the refusal of German frigate ships to call. I stopped and avoided confirmation.

On the other hand, he said, "In recent years, the United States and others have been involved in the South China Sea by sending military aircraft and warships to the South China Sea to show off their power and causing conflicts, with the banner that the great powers will protect freedom of navigation." I restrained it because it was strengthening.