Bob Woodward's new book, 'Peril', depicts the anguish of the late President of the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the end of Trump

Even in the United States, where there are a lot of professional reporters who stay in one place for a long time, which cannot be compared to Korea, Bob Woodward of the Washington Post can be said to be an unrivaled reporter with outstanding coverage.

Born in 1943, he published a book by interviewing incumbent presidents from Clinton to Trump.

Although it is a book made by research, the details are so vivid that it makes you mistake it for a novel when you read it.

The book 'Peril', written by Bob Woodward and fellow Washington Post journalist Robert Costa this time, contains the era of madness at the end of Trump's presidency.

The last days of Trump were a period of great turmoil in the United States as the coronavirus outbreak and anti-racism protests that began with the death of George Floyd overlapped.

In addition, Trump, who claimed victory while raising suspicions of fraudulent election even after losing the election, was like a time bomb to the extent that he was worried about what he would do if he did.

The book hasn't been officially published yet, so I haven't seen the full content, but the main content is already being reported extensively in the American media.

Almost all media outlets picked up the title as they wrote articles on this book, saying that Milley, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, had given a hint to the Chinese Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff for fear that Trump might start a nuclear war.

The intention was that the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, worried about the president's big loss at the end of his term, even did this, but it was interesting to see the main contents of the article as it was completely unknown at the time.

"We do not attack China"...

Call from Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Millie

Bob Woodward wrote that Milley made two phone calls to China's Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Li Zhucheng, on October 30, 2020 and on January 8, 2021. The first was four days before the election, and the second was two days after the congressional riots. On October 30, 2020, when the first call was made, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Milley called to reassure China. Trump's belligerent remarks reached the climax when he raised the theory that China was responsible for the corona virus ahead of the presidential election. Tensions have risen as an aircraft carrier is laid down in the South China Sea, but Millie warned Li Zhucheng in advance that "the United States will not attack or conduct hostile exercises." "If the US attacks, I will let you know in advance," he said.

In a phone call two days after the congressional riot, Milley tried to reassure Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Li Zhu-cheng, saying, "The United States is in a stable state and everything is fine." However, it is said that Li Zhuoqing was also in a state of rage at the time, so it was not easy to calm down. At the time, Millie was suspicious of Trump's mental state, and when House Speaker Pelosi called and said he fully sympathized with Trump's madness. Bob Woodward also obtained and reported a transcript containing these contents (there would have been no way to obtain such a transcript other than from Pelosi, but he was impressed by Bob Woodward, who published a book by receiving data from the incumbent chairman and interviewing the incumbent president. have no choice but to).

Meanwhile, Millie called the Indo-Pacific Command and instructed them not to engage in drills that provoke China.

And the real commander followed the instructions.

He also reminded the officers involved that even if President Trump issues an order to launch a nuclear weapon, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff must be involved.

Although there have been precedents like this in the past, former Defense Secretary Sledginger is said to have instructed the military to check the intentions of himself and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff when using nuclear weapons during the Nixon impeachment process.

"A traitor pushed back... dismissal is basic, should be executed at all" Seething Republican Party

As the trailer for this book goes out, the loyalists of former President Trump are viciously attacking Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Milley. Trump himself appeared on News Max and openly attacked Millie as "a traitor if the news is true," and Republican Senator Marco Rubio is raising his voice to fire Millie. Some hard-line Republicans have argued that they should be put in a military court or executed. Even within the Ministry of National Defense, criticism continues that Milley's conduct was inappropriate.

It is surprising that the chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff maintained a non-ship channel with the top Chinese military, which is in fierce competition. It also means that the captains of the two major powers took precautionary measures to prevent an accidental engagement from escalating into a nuclear war. If there had been an unfortunate incident of armed conflict between the two great powers, Korea would inevitably suffer great damage. At that time, if Trump could shake the presidential election, he was ready to go to war. Since Trump is not a person who reads and acts carefully, he was in a sensitive situation where he might have started an all-out war if China over-reacted after starting a light provocation.

However, even taking that into consideration, there seems to be ample room for criticism that the president communicated with the enemy without knowing it.

It is not easy for ordinary people to understand that military leaders give advance notice to enemy countries before war.

However, despite such criticisms or even preparing for punishment, Chairman Milley appears to have taken action desperately to prevent unnecessary nuclear war.

President Biden's reaffirmation of his trust in Chairman Milley today doesn't seem likely to escalate his trajectory any time soon.

Former Defense Secretary James Mattis also went to Washington Cathedral to pray on his way home from work because of the unpredictable Trump that could lead to a nuclear war with North Korea.

Even Mattis, who is portrayed as one of the best generals in modern warfare, must have thought of Trump as a very insecure person who didn't know what to do.

Trump's woeful injury...

Possibility of hiring a large number of loyalists if re-elected

As Biden's approval ratings fell due to his unprepared withdrawal from Afghanistan, Trump's appearance in the press has certainly increased. The American media that made Trump the president after making headlines because they were so good at making direct and absurd remarks are also promising not to act as a one-sided loudspeaker, but I don't know how much patience that will last. It is not easy to turn away from Trump's fatal charm, which attracts attention and rises in ratings once it appears. Even on 9/11, Trump, who met police officers and others to conduct his own business and commented on boxing, is very different from previous presidents.

It is almost certain that Trump will be the next Republican presidential nominee. Of course, there is a lot of time left, but it is not easy to bet even another opponent in the Republican Party, which has already become the Trump Party. If he becomes president again, it is clear that the soldiers who did not show their loyalty to him by saying that he would be loyal to the constitution during his first term in office would never be seated in important positions. Based solely on loyalty to himself, it is expected that he will spread his aides to the major military and run state affairs. When the unpredictable Trump gets excited, yes-men who can't calm it down but rather encourage it will follow. It is hard to believe that only a year has passed since the Trump era, when we witnessed the arson and looting of Washington area, and the night curfew with combat helicopters flying through it, after months of the peaceful and tedious Biden administration.