Åke Bonnier, bishop of Skara diocese, thinks it is important that the Church of Sweden is open to everyone, regardless of political views.  

- We are not a community of opinion, we are a community of faith, he said in Sweden meet on Wednesday night.

"Party politics disrupts work"

He would like the people who stand in the church election for political parties to choose a different way of getting involved, as party politics can disrupt the work of the church.

This is what Åke Bonnier says in an interview after the live broadcast.

- For me, it is no problem if those who stand up are Social Democrats, Center Party members or Sweden Democrats.

The important thing is what you come to and that it does not conflict with the church's faith, confession and doctrine, he says.

"Creates frustration"

The party involvement risks getting in the way of the work, according to Åke Bonnier.

If not for the people who are themselves politically involved, then perhaps for the environment.

- I think it creates frustration for many, you get blocked: "It is typically the Social Democrats" for example.

It will be pie-throwing, says Åke Bonnier.