Park Poulic's radar, installed on the RN 165 near Quimper (Finistère), has gone crazy: since Monday, the device no longer distinguishes between cars and heavy goods vehicles, and therefore flashes all over the place.

As our colleagues from

Ouest-France indicate

, this radar should normally identify vehicles traveling at more than 110 km / h, more than 80 km / h for trucks.

But many users were surprised to see it activate when they had not exceeded the authorized speed.

A mishap widely shared on social networks, and in particular on the Facebook page “Infos routes 29 et bordrophe”.

"There is a malfunction of the device and a repair procedure is in progress", indicates the prefecture of Finistère.

A precedent on the A35 near Strasbourg

State services ensure that people flashed below 110 km / h will not ultimately be fined.

The Automated Center for the Observation of Road Violations (Cacir) in Rennes is responsible for analyzing the images recorded by the radar and sorting between offenders and others.

This is not the first time that a radar panics on the roads of France this year.

Last February, all motorists driving on the A35 were flashed near Cornenbourg in the direction of Colmar.

The device had also experienced a malfunction.

No user traveling below the authorized limit had received a fine.


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