On September 16, local time, Danish Radio and Television reported that on the 12th, 1,428 dolphins were driven into a fjord in the Faroe Islands and killed.

The official website of the Faroe Islands Autonomous Government announced on the 16th that it would evaluate the future of the killing activities.

  The fishing activities on September 12 sparked some discussions on dolphin fishing issues, such as the number of dolphins caught in a single catch and the hunting methods of dolphin fishing.

Bardul Steiger Nielsen, Prime Minister of the Faroe Islands Autonomous Government, said, “We take this matter very seriously. We will carefully study the hunting of dolphins and the role that hunting behavior should play in Faroe Islands society. The Autonomous Government has decided to start. Assess regulations regarding dolphin fishing."

  It has been a tradition in the Faroe Islands for centuries to drive humpback whales and dolphins into the fjords and kill them on the beach.

But for this large-scale killing of dolphins, the Faroe Islands and international animal rights activists have criticized it.

(Headquarters reporter Hao Xiaoli)