It identified 11 duties that employers have towards workers

“Emiratization” warns establishments against dismissing or warning the worker during his leave

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation has warned entities and employers in the private sector not to dismiss or warn any worker during his leave period, stressing that once the worker obtains a job opportunity with any of the private sector establishments in the country, the employer must comply with about 11 conditions or A duty towards the worker, which would enhance transparency and balance in the contractual relationship and preserve the rights of its parties.

The ministry indicated, in a video broadcast on its official pages on social media platforms, that the duties of the employer towards his workers include enabling the second party to the work contract (the worker) to perform the agreed work, the need to extract a copy of the work contract and hand it to the worker, providing the worker with working hours Paying the due wages, investigating accuracy in submitting any complaints or notifications related to the worker.

The list of duties of employers also included, not to compel or coerce the worker to buy goods from certain shops, or what the employer produces, for working hours not to exceed eight hours a day or 48 hours a week, not to dismiss the worker or notify him of dismissal during his vacations, granting the worker periods of Rest, providing all the prescribed occupational health and safety means and requirements, in addition to securing a return ticket to work to his homeland (provided that the worker does not join another work in the country), and finally, compensation for work injuries and occupational diseases.

The ministry stressed its keenness to educate and inform workers and employers of their rights and duties, and for this purpose it translates most laws, legislation, and ministerial decisions that govern labor relations into several languages, to reach all segments of society.

She pointed out that she had launched several awareness campaigns in this regard for workers, including the "Know Your Rights" campaign, which includes the distribution of guidebooks in several languages, including Arabic, English, Hindi, Urdu and Malayalam, in addition to awareness advertisements via digital screens. Legal awareness of workers through the period before and after arriving in the state, as well as their awareness of their rights and duties when performing their work, especially with regard to the obligation to provide the employer to the foreign worker to be recruited in the country of origin a detailed job offer that contains a comprehensive description of the rights and duties of each party and the terms and conditions of work This is to ensure that the worker has agreed to these conditions, in the language he understands, before formally contracting with the employer.

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