When a chicken is attacked by a hawk, a rooster and a goat living on the same farm have been caught running quickly to rescue the chicken.

Foreign media such as the New York Post on the 14th local time introduced CCTV footage of animals running to rescue chickens attacked by falcons at a farm in Helderland, Netherlands on the 5th.

In the video, a hawk suddenly flew over and started attacking a chicken that was walking peacefully on the lawn.

When the hawk tried to hunt the chicken, the chicken desperately resisted.

The chicken was caught by the hawk's sharp claws and dragged around, and in the process, the chicken's feathers were plucked and scattered.

At this time, a rooster came running from afar at high speed.

The rooster did not give in to the force of the hawk and bravely faced it.

Although it seemed to threaten the hawk by flapping its wings greatly, it was not enough to deal with the hawk, a natural enemy.

▲ A rooster running to rescue a chicken from attack

This time a goat from the same farm ran towards the hawk.

The goat began to threaten the hawk by sticking its horns on its head as if trying to push it away.

▲ Goat running to the hawk and sticking out its horns

In the end, the hawk could not withstand the barrage of roosters and goats and left the farm empty-handed.

▲ In the end, the hawk fails to hunt and runs away

Yap Bates, the owner of the farm, said, "I heard an animal cry on the farm, so I rushed out, but the situation was already over. It only took 17 seconds."

"I was very proud to see the rooster and goat rushing to protect their friend," Bates said. "I'm glad the chicken didn't die." The chicken attacked by the hawk suffered only minor injuries and is said to be in a non-life-threatening condition.

He continued, "I've had a hawk fly to the farm and attack a chicken three times in seven years. Last time, other goats and turkeys ran in and chased the hawk and saved the chicken."

Netizens who saw the video commented, "The courage of a rooster running to a hawk to save a friend is amazing", "A video where animals teach humans what friendship is", "If you have a friend like that rooster or goat, it's a successful life", etc. reacted.

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(Photo=YouTube 'dogtooth media')