Yesterday (15th), many things happened in one day in relation to North Korea's ballistic missile launch. North Korean leader Kim Yo-jong made a statement criticizing President Moon Jae-in, the United States condemned the missile launch, and the UN Security Council convened an emergency meeting. The tension seems to be rising, but there are some points where you don't necessarily see it that way.

This is Ahn Jung-shik, a reporter specializing in North Korea.


[President Moon Jae-in (Yesterday): North Korea fired a ballistic missile... .] When

President Moon Jae-in defined North Korea's ballistic missile launch as a provocation, Kim Yeo-jung, who is famous for her sarcasm against South Korea, stepped in.

President Moon expressed his deep regret for using the word 'provocation' and warned of complete destruction of inter-Korean relations.

The United States raised the level of warning by using the word 'condemn' for the North Korean missile launch as the United States does.

[Ned Price / US State Department Spokesperson: We condemn North Korea's missile launch. This launch of (ballistic) missiles violated several UN Security Council resolutions.] An

emergency meeting of the UN Security Council was also convened.

It seems that the tension in the river is rising, but looking inside, it is not necessarily the case.

Kim Yeo-jung's discourse ended with a warning of the destruction of inter-Korean relations, but she did not want it.

The sharp deterioration of the situation means that even North Korea does not want it.

The United States remains open to dialogue.

[Ned Price / US State Department Spokesperson: We are still committed to a diplomatic approach to North Korea.


urge North Korea to engage in meaningful and substantive dialogue.] The South Korean

government also emphasized dialogue and cooperation with Kim Yeo-jung

, while urging her

to observe basic courtesy.

This possibility of dialogue is being explored because North Korea's provocations are being carried out at a low-intensity level that does not cause much irritation to the United States.

North America has not yet broken the negotiable line, and it is noteworthy whether it will lead to practical dialogue.

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