Xinhua News Agency, Yulin, September 15th. Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, President of the State, and Chairman of the Central Military Commission, during a recent inspection in Yulin City, Shaanxi Province, emphasized the need to resolutely implement the decisions and deployments of the Party Central Committee, and adhere to the overall tone of the work of seeking progress while maintaining stability, which is complete and accurate. , Fully implement the new development concept, carry forward the glorious revolutionary tradition, emancipate the mind, reform and innovate, make persistent efforts, and effectively coordinate epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development work, better coordinate development and safety, and better serve and integrate into the new development pattern , Compose a new chapter in Shaanxi's high-quality development.

  From September 13th to 14th, accompanied by Shaanxi Provincial Party Secretary Liu Guozhong and Governor Zhao Yide, Xi Jinping conducted in-depth investigations on enterprises, rural areas, schools, and revolutionary sites.

  On the morning of the 13th, Xi Jinping first came to the National Energy Group Yulin Chemical Co., Ltd. to learn about the planning, construction and operation of the circular economy coal comprehensive utilization project.

In the central control room, Xi Jinping watched the project product display and affirmed the company's insistence on innovative development and safe, stable and clean operation.

Later, Xi Jinping visited the site of the 400,000-tonne ethylene glycol project, asked about the in-depth development of the coal chemical industry, and had a cordial exchange with the company's employee representatives.

He emphasized that Yulin is an important national energy base and has made important contributions to the country's economic and social development.

As my country’s main energy source, coal must follow the direction of green and low-carbon development, benchmarking to achieve carbon peak and carbon neutral goals, based on national conditions, controlling total volume, holding the bottom line, orderly reducing and replacing, and promoting the transformation and upgrading of coal consumption. .

The coal chemical industry has huge potential and promising future. It is necessary to improve the comprehensive utilization efficiency of coal as a chemical raw material, promote the high-end, diversified, and low-carbon development of the coal chemical industry, take the strengthening of scientific and technological innovation as the most urgent task, and accelerate the research of key core technologies. Actively develop coal-based special fuels and coal-based biodegradable materials.

  On the afternoon of the 13th, Xi Jinping went to Gaoxigou Village, Yinzhou Street, Mizhi County to investigate and investigate.

Orchards, woodlands, terraces, and silt dams are scattered among the valleys, and the Loess Plateau in early autumn is full of greenery.

On the way, Xi Jinping got off the car and walked into the fields to observe the growth of millet, millet, and corn. Together with fellow villagers who were working in the field, he asked them about their production and operation, family income, medical security, and their children’s school employment.

At the top of Longtou Mountain in Gaoxigou Village, Xi Jinping listened to the introduction of the construction of ecological civilization in Shaanxi Province and the comprehensive management of the loess hilly and gully area in Gaoxigou Village.

Xi Jinping pointed out that Gaoxigou Village is a model of ecological governance in the Loess Plateau. You are on the right path to unremittingly develop ecological civilization and advance with the times to develop rural undertakings.

It is necessary to thoroughly implement the concept that green waters and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains, organically integrate ecological governance and the development of characteristic industries, and embark on a path of coordinated ecological and economic development, and harmonious coexistence between man and nature.

  Leaving Gaoxigou Village, Xi Jinping came to the former revolutionary site of Yangjiagou in the southeast of Mizhi County.

At the end of 1947, Comrade Mao Zedong led the central authorities to Yangjiagou Village, where he fought and lived for more than four months, commanded the National Liberation War and the Northwest Battlefield, and led the land reform movement.

Xi Jinping visited the site of the "December Meeting" of the CPC Central Committee, Mao Zedong's former residence, and Zhou Enlai's former residence, recalling the history of the revolution and remembering the great achievements of the revolutionary ancestors.

Xi Jinping emphasized that policies and strategies are the life of the party.

For a hundred years, the reason why our party has been able to unify its thinking, unify its pace, and move forward in unity, as well as the great victories and brilliant achievements of revolution, construction, and reform, is that our party adheres to the guidance of Marxism, is farsighted, and knows the best. Solve both practical and strategic problems, accurately judge and grasp the situation, and formulate realistic goals, tasks, policies and strategies.

We must always uphold and improve the party’s leadership, continuously improve the party’s level of scientific governance, democratic governance, and governance according to law, and give full play to the party’s central leadership role in overseeing the overall situation and coordinating all parties.

We must adhere to the basic principles of Marxism, use Marxism to observe the times, grasp the times, and lead the times, while at the same time persisting in seeking truth from facts, proceeding from the reality of our country, and constantly promoting the sinicization and modernization of Marxism.

Xi Jinping pointed out that it is necessary to make full use of red resources, deepen the study and education of party history, and maintain the red blood.

  On the morning of the 14th, Xi Jinping went to the former site of the Suide Prefectural Committee of the Communist Party of China to carefully inspect the layout of the old site and some restoration scenes, and visit relevant exhibitions.

Xi Jinping pointed out that looking back on this heavy revolutionary history, the older generation of revolutionaries insisted that "the interests of the party come first", insisted on "standing on the side of the overwhelming majority of the working people", and insisted on "sit on the side of the people with their buttocks end to end." One side" has great educational significance.

The Communist Party of China led the people to victory in the revolution and won the hearts of the people, and it was the people of hundreds of millions who firmly chose to stand on our side.

We must inherit and carry forward the revolutionary tradition and fine work style, always put the interests of the people in the highest position, never forget our original aspirations, keep our mission in mind, implement the party’s mass line, respect the dominant position of the people, and always stand with the people, want to be together, and work. Together.

  Afterwards, Xi Jinping came to Suide Experimental Middle School, walked into the classroom and the playground successively, watched the students' calligraphy practice and physical exercise, and had a cordial exchange with everyone.

He pointed out that the Chinese civilization has a long history and continuous continuity, and the foundation lies in education.

To achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, the foundation lies in education.

We run education in order to improve the overall quality of the people, promote the all-round development of people, enhance the level of social civilization, strengthen cultural self-confidence, and enhance the creative vitality of the whole nation.

It is necessary to fully implement the party's educational policy, implement the fundamental task of cultivating people with morality, cultivate the sentiments of loving the party, the country, the people, and the socialism, and strive to cultivate socialist builders and successors who develop all-round moral, intellectual, physical, and artistic development.

We must deepen the reform of education and teaching, strengthen the role of school education as the main position, comprehensively improve the quality of school teaching, and truly reduce the excessive academic burden and the burden of off-campus training, so as to run an education that satisfies the people.

In the end, Xi Jinping encouraged the students to cherish their great years, cultivate their moral character, work diligently, strengthen their physique, temper their will, and be useful to the country, the people, and the society.

  Shaanxi has a long history and rich cultural heritage.

Xi Jinping came to the Suide County Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition Hall to observe the display of stone sculptures, Suide Ping'an Books, paper-cuts, folk songs, and clay sculptures, and expressed affirmation for the protection and inheritance of local traditional culture.

Outside the exhibition hall, there is a Yangko performance in northern Shaanxi.

Xi Jinping greeted the people at the scene.

He pointed out that Suide is one of the important cradles of loess culture, rich in intangible cultural heritage resources, nurtured and developed excellent folk arts, and demonstrated the enthusiasm, simplicity and heroism of the people of northern Shaanxi.

Folk art is the precious wealth of the Chinese nation. Protecting, inheriting, and making good use of these treasures left by our ancestors is of great significance to the continuation of the historical context and the building of a socialist cultural power.

We must persist in taking the socialist core values ​​as the guide, persist in creative transformation and innovative development, find the connection point between traditional culture and modern life, and continue to meet the people's growing needs for a better life.

  Located in the southwest of Suide County, Haojiaqiao Village, Zhangjiayun Town, is a model village discovered by the Suide District Committee through investigation and research during the Anti-Japanese War. The activity of “learning from Haojiaqiao in every village and everyone from Liu Yuhou” has set off a mass production boom. .

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Haojiaqiao Village has actively developed characteristic industries, and profound changes have taken place in the appearance of the village and villagers’ lives. It has been awarded the honorary title of "National Model of Poverty Alleviation".

On the afternoon of the 14th, Xi Jinping came here to watch the village history exhibition in detail and learn about the glorious revolutionary history and the inheritance of revolutionary traditions in this "Red Mountain Village".

Later, Xi Jinping came to visit the home of the villager Hou Zhirong.

Hou Zhirong's family used to be impoverished due to illness, and relied on assistance at all levels and their own efforts to get rid of poverty in 2016.

Xi Jinping emphasized that I am very pleased to see that your family is getting better and better and the population is prosperous.

Letting the folks live well is the unswerving original mission of our party. The Communist Party must do this well and continue to hand in good answers.

The whole party, the country and the whole society must vigorously promote the spirit of poverty alleviation, strive to be strong and self-reliant, and continue to win new and greater victories in building a modern socialist country in an all-round way.

  At the village's fruit and vegetable greenhouse base, Xi Jinping carefully understood the development of the village's industrial planning and went into the greenhouse to observe the growth of the grapes.

At the village mutual happiness hospital and village health station, Xi Jinping had a cordial exchange with the elderly and medical staff in the village.

He pointed out that when I came to Haojiaqiao, I was deeply educated and inspired.

Shangougou can get out of the road to wealth and live a good life, relying on good policies, people's hard work, and God's help.

What can be done here, should be done elsewhere.

The most important thing is to conduct in-depth investigations and studies, find out the situation, understand the problems, find solutions, sum up experience, continue to play the role of model leading and demonstration, build party branches, select leaders, and give full play to the role of grassroots party organizations as a battle fortress.

  When leaving the village, Xi Jinping said affectionately to the villagers that whether it was the mass production movement in the revolutionary war or the fight against poverty in the new era, the people of Haojiaqiao were always diligent, pioneering and innovative.

I hope you will continue to carry forward the fine traditions, appreciate the favor of the party, listen to the party, follow the party, dare to be the first, work hard, and strive to build Haojiaqiao Village into a model for rural revitalization.

  Ding Xuexiang, Liu He, Chen Xi, He Lifeng and responsible comrades of relevant central departments accompanied the inspection.