[Global Times Comprehensive Report] After the Hong Kong National Security Law was formally implemented, some anti-China chaotic Hong Kong organizations went underground, and some people sneaked into Taiwan and continued to endanger the stability of Hong Kong.

  According to a report by the pro-green Taiwan’s "Liberty Times" on the 14th, the Hong Kong and Hong Kong community group "Hong Kong Border Town Youth" in Taiwan announced on the 13th that it officially registered in Taiwan.

The organization claimed that under the National Security Act, many civil organizations and professional associations in Hong Kong have recently ceased operations or disbanded, and many Hong Kong opposition figures have been "suppressed and arrested." And through long-term deployment, Taiwan can truly become a home for Hong Kong and Taiwanese."

"Hong Kong Border Town Youth" director Changjiang Minyan said that the "Stake" Standing Committee was arrested, and then the "Journalist Association", the Bar Association, and the "Trade Unions" and other groups may be disbanded.

Chen Wei'an, director of the "Hong Kong Border Town Youth", claimed that more Hong Kong people will come to Taiwan, "it is very important for Taiwanese to understand each other."

The organization claims that its main target of service in the future will be young people living in Taiwan and Hong Kong who lack social resources. Its objectives include "uniting Hong Kong people in Taiwan, strengthening mutual ties, and integrating into Taiwanese society" and "paying attention to the current status and trends of the rights and interests of Hong Kong people in Taiwan." Wait.

They threatened to hold a protest in October this year to encourage a boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics.

  After the outbreak of the "Regulation Amendment Disturbance" in 2019, some Hong Kong people immigrated to Taiwan.

The DPP authorities are studying the tightening of the current immigration policy for Hong Kong and Macau people. According to the current policy, Hong Kong and Macau people who wish to immigrate to Taiwan only have two procedures for "residence" and "settlement." Only 2-5 years of residence in Taiwan will be eligible to apply for settlement.

In addition, the current immigration investment of NT$6 million must be a “real investment”, and professionals must actually practice in Taiwan.

According to Taiwan's "Ministry of Interior", the number of Hong Kong residents who will have residence permits in Taiwan in 2020 is 10,813, and the number of permanent residence permits will be 1,576.

  Some anti-China and Hong Kong organizations disbanded on the surface or planned to disband, but in fact they went underground and used the so-called "community" model to oppose the SAR government.

For example, the "Trade Union" advocates that "community penetrates into the workplace", claiming that labor unions can make good use of the advantages of rooting in the workplace to "build more bases", "seize residents committees, professional groups and other fields, and continue to disrupt social order."

Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor has stated on many occasions that dissolution cannot be exonerated.

The Commissioner of Police Xiao Zeyi also emphasized that the police will definitely deal with organized violations.

(Cheng Dong)