September 15, 2021 The pandemic period saw a growth in the sale of toys. This data emerges from a study by Assogiocattoli. In the last semester the sector has grown in double figures, with sales increased by over 18% and even compared to 2019, the pre-pandemic year, the figure grows by 3%. The toys have proved essential for families who have also approached manufacturers through websites and social networks to be supported in finding effective ways to grow and distract their children by playing. From the experience of 2020 the Assogiocattoli "Gioco per Semper" campaign is now born with the aim of making families aware of the importance of play from a pedagogical point of view,social and cultural and to learn how to use toys at all stages of children's development, not just on birthdays or Christmas. 

The association has also made a picture of what are the new game trends for winter 2021: this year too the constructions boast the highest growth trends but the sales of soft toys, boxed games and card games are growing. the 'kidult', ie young adults. Fashion dolls and toys for early childhood follow. 

Among the new behaviors and choices, online shopping is growing, the sharing of toys that can be rented and the green turning point of producers who churn out, for example, soft toys made entirely of recycled plastic, greener packaging and new ways to scrap old games that brands will recycle into new products. New projects to support parents in the ideal use of toys for pedagogical purposes and for the growth of their children.