British tourists crashed in Corsica.

Two Britons were seriously injured in the crash of a small twin-engine tourist plane on Tuesday in Haute-Corse, we learned from the authorities and the emergency services.

“This Tuesday morning around 10:30 am, a Beech 18 tourist plane crashed in the town of Vescovato,” said François Ravier, the prefect of Haute-Corse, in a press release, specifying that the circumstances of the accident were not “Not yet established”.

"On board were three people, two of whom are currently in absolute emergency" and were "transported to the Bastia hospital", he added.

The third person, "unharmed but in shock", was also transported by ambulance to Bastia hospital.

The passengers are two 50-year-old women and a 60-year-old man, all British, sources close to the authorities told AFP.

Third degree burns

The most seriously affected victim is one of the two women, with third degree burns to the arms, thorax, scalp and legs, according to these sources.

She was evacuated by helicopter, the emergency services said.

The second woman, who had second-degree burns to her chest, back, face and arms, was transferred by ambulance.

The device was on fire when the emergency services arrived, but the firefighters managed to extinguish it.

The prefect of Haute-Corse, called not to go to the area so as not to interfere with relief operations.


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