| Hookup+| Sports represents youth, health and vitality. It is about the happiness of the people and the future of the nation.

General Secretary Xi Jinping is an out-and-out sports fan.

  When he was a child, he often went to Shichahai for skating when he went home from school and put off his schoolbag.

During his work in Fujian, he climbed Gushan once every two or three weeks.

He also loves swimming and once revealed, "I usually walk and swim, and swim a thousand meters every day."

In addition, the general secretary also likes football, volleyball, basketball, tennis, martial arts and other sports. In ice and snow events, he likes to watch ice hockey, speed skating, figure skating, etc.

  The general secretary is not only a sports enthusiast, but also attaches great importance to the development of my country's sports industry. He emphasized that sports carry the dream of national prosperity and national rejuvenation.

If sports are strong, China will be strong, and national sports will flourish.

It is necessary to put the development of sports work on an important agenda, carefully plan and implement vigorously, and constantly create new prospects for the development of my country's sports industry, and accelerate the construction of my country into a sports power.

  How to build a sports power?

In the minds of the General Secretary, to speed up the building of a sports power, we must grasp the position that the dream of a sports power is closely related to the Chinese dream, integrate sports into the realization of the "two centenary" goals to plan, deepen the reform of sports, and update the sports concept. , To promote the coordinated development of mass sports, competitive sports, and the sports industry.

  On the occasion of the opening of the 14th National Games, CCTV Network "Linked +" specially sorted out the relevant expositions of the general secretary on the coordinated development of mass sports, competitive sports, and the sports industry, and studied with you.

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