, September 13th. According to the US "World Journal" report, recently, the National Association of Realtors (NAR) released a research report showing that of the 183 U.S. metropolitan areas tracked by the Association, there are 182 areas of housing. The median sales price has increased over the same period last year, and the median house price of 94% of the metropolitan areas has risen by more than 10% over the same period last year.

Zillow, a well-known US real estate trading platform, predicts that the US housing market will rise 12.1% in July next year.

  Mr. Xu, a senior agent of Sotheby's International Realty in New York, said that the housing market in Manhattan is booming again. He takes guests to see the house every day, "business is too busy."

With more buyers and fewer sellers, house prices are rising.

Statistics show that in the first half of 2021, the transaction volume of luxury homes above US$10 million has broken records.

The penthouse apartment is popular with buyers because of the good lighting, and it has become more expensive.

Mr. Chen, general manager of Summit Mortgage Bankers in the United States, said that the habit of Chinese Americans is to "buy houses as soon as they have money," so the housing loan market is now very good.

He said that real estate in New York City is not only bought by Chinese in New York, but also by Chinese working in other states.

Many Chinese open restaurants and do business in other states. After making money, they want to invest in real estate in New York City.

"The rental market in New York City is very good, and rents are also rising."

High-end residences are sought after by the rich

  Mr. Xu believes that there are more people buying houses now for several reasons.

One of them is that the inflation rate has risen, which has exceeded 5%.

"You deposited $100 in the bank at the beginning of the year, and by the end of the year this deposit was less than $95." Therefore, if there is money, people will not put the money in the bank, but buy a house.

At the same time, the U.S. economy has begun to recover. Many companies are short of people and it is easy to find jobs.

  Another reason for the boom in the housing market is that residents who moved out during the epidemic have moved back.

Before the epidemic, there were 8.2 million permanent residents in New York City. After the outbreak, about 300,000 people moved to the suburbs for refuge.

However, after the launch of the new crown pneumonia vaccine, the epidemic was controlled.

Many businesses open their doors and require employees to go to work.

At the same time, the New York City Department of Education informed that the school will start in the fall and students will attend classes on campus.

  He revealed that a Chinese spent US$29.5 million to buy a townhouse in the Upper East Side.

This townhouse has more than 20,000 square feet, 10 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms.

Another Chinese bought a townhouse in Greenwich. The area is half smaller than the one on the Upper East Side, but the price is more expensive.

Before buying a house, he has to check the client's financial resources.

"With the financial resources, we can show them, otherwise it will be useless."

  Among his guests, there are Chinese as well as other ethnic groups.

But he said that if new condos (condos) come out, one-third of the buyers will be Asians, because Asians, especially Chinese, like to buy new houses.

He said that the sales data does not indicate ethnicity, he inquired from other channels.

"I heard about it when I was chatting with the sales staff of the new building, and I also heard the colleague who sold the new house talking about it."

  Many people buy a house for investment, renting it out for rent.

At present, mortgage interest rates are low, and interest rates on bank deposits are also low. Therefore, many people can get a return on investment of 2-3% when investing in real estate.

He himself bought a new house during the epidemic, and then rented out the old house.

The old house is in Manhattan’s Upper West Side, and the monthly rent is $3,800.

He said that only half a day after the house was put online, five people applied for it.

He chooses a young man with a high salary based on the applicant's salary, credit score and tax filing status.

He said that this person not only has a high salary, but also stocks.

"This young man is fully capable of buying a house, but he is willing to rent a house."

  He said that he also encountered a young Chinese man who came to rent a house.

This young man is a successful entrepreneur with an annual salary of more than US$150,000. However, he wants to rent a one-bedroom apartment with a monthly rent of US$7,000.

According to regulations, the renter's annual income must reach 40 times the monthly rent.

In this way, his annual income will reach 280,000 US dollars.

"The young man showed evidence that he has a bonus of $200,000 per year."

The epidemic affects the purchase of suburban housing

  Mr. Pan, the president of Winzone Realty in New York, said that the real estate agency business in 2021 is "excellent."

He said that he originally thought that due to the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, New York real estate would definitely fall.

"But it's weird that this year's business is very prosperous." People are going to Long Island to buy houses.

He said that according to statistics from real estate companies, housing sales in Queens are not as good as Long Island, and the number of sales is even less than half of Long Island's.

  He said he had talked with the boss of a mainstream real estate company in Long Island.

"The boss revealed that half of the buyers are Asian." In the past, Chinese always liked to buy real estate in the Chinese community, pushing the real estate of the Chinese community higher.

However, this time on the contrary, the Chinese began to migrate to Long Island.

Overall, the housing market in Queens has risen by 2%, while the housing market in Long Island has risen by 4-5%.

"If it's a brand new house, Long Island house prices will increase by 10%."

  In the past, Chinese in New York like to buy properties in Chinese communities, such as Flushing and Elmhurst, mainly because of the convenience of life. There are Chinese supermarkets and banks in the local area.

However, Long Island now has many Chinese supermarkets and banks.

Living in Long Island, it is also convenient to take a train to Flushing.

Because of the epidemic, people are staying at home, and there is no difference between living in Long Island and living in New York City.

  Real estate agency MLS’s statistics on Queens and Long Island show that both Queens and Long Island’s housing transactions have increased, but Long Island’s housing transactions are even greater.

For example, in Queens, 450 units were sold in May and 546 in July; Nassau, Long Island, near New York City, sold 909 units in May and 1,226 in July; and Suffolk, Long Island remote. 1130 sets were sold in May and 1508 sets were sold in July.

  He said that from listing to sale, the residence period of the house in the market; if the market is good, the residence period will be short.

He said that the residence period for houses in Queens is 4 months, the period for houses in Nassau County is 2.2 to 2.6 months, and the period for houses in Suffolk County is even shorter, only 1.8 months.

Its price ranking is that Nassau County is higher than Queens, and Queens is higher than Suffolk County.

  In the past, the Chinese complained that Long Island’s land tax was too high, so they were unwilling to move to Long Island.

He said that if calculated by area, Long Island land tax is cheaper than New York City.

He said that he used to live in Fresh Grassland, the area of ​​the land was 4,000 square feet; while the area of ​​the Long Island House was 30,000 square feet.

"If calculated on a per square foot basis, the land tax in Queens is higher." Wanrong Real Estate currently has more than 1,000 real estate agents who set up branches in Long Island.

The brokers of Long Island Company saw that the local market was good, so they bought three or four houses on their own, hoping to resell them after renovation to make a difference.

"They are bullish on Long Island real estate."

  Ms. Yang, a real estate partner in New York City, said that her clients are mainly Wenzhou immigrants and Fuzhou immigrants. There are fewer immigrants from Guangdong. Recently, some northerners have been added.

She revealed: "Young people from Wenzhou and Fuzhou are migrating to Long Island." She said that there are several reasons for young people to move to Long Island, because many companies allow employees to work from home, so living in Long Island can no longer consider transportation issues.

In addition, Long Island has a better natural environment, a high-quality school district, and a larger backyard.

"Chinese young people pay more attention to the quality of life, which is completely different from the situation where their parents worked hard in the United States back then."

  Mr. Chen, the general manager of Xinmei Loan Bank, said that Chinese people buy houses that are cost-effective.

Since the epidemic, the largest number of Chinese have gone to Long Island, New York to buy a house.

They mainly buy school district housing, which is conducive to their children's education.

In order to avoid the epidemic, some people go to remote villages to buy houses, such as buying leisure houses in Connecticut.

He believes that living in the countryside, although the population density is small, but there is no broadband network, it is inconvenient to go online to see a doctor.

Housing has purchased a second house

  Douglas Elliman, the largest real estate agency in the United States, New York real estate agent Ms. He found that the number of Chinese buying holiday homes in Upstate New York has recently increased.

She said that after the outbreak, many people moved out of Manhattan, some went to other states, and some people became interested in houses in Upstate New York.

She said that these places in Upstate New York are not far from New York City. It only takes one or two hours to drive to Manhattan, and only three or four hours away.

  She said that many Chinese bought these houses, and some went to live on their own.

She said that some people buy in partnership with relatives and friends, then live separately, and rent out the rest of the time.

However, due to more people buying, the current holiday home prices have gone up.

In the past, some Americans owned real estate in Manhattan, bought a holiday home around New York City, and went to the holiday home to relax on weekends.

Since the epidemic, many Chinese have also begun to plan in this direction.

The houses in these places are very cheap, with the lowest price being only a few hundred thousand US dollars; the high price is several million US dollars, but the land area of ​​the house is very large, with hundreds of acres of land.

  Now, there are also Chinese people who are beginning to be interested in farms in Shangzhou.

She said: "In the past few days, I have taken people to Shangzhou to see farms every day. I can see several of them in a day." The farms in Shangzhou are also used for many purposes.

Some farms grow vegetables and sell them at the farmers’ market; some farms grow grapes and make their own wine; some farms engage in breeding, including raising chickens, sheep, and cattle.

Some farms raise tens of thousands of laying hens and sell organic eggs.

"The United States specializes in buying cattle and sheep, and they go to the farm to buy these cattle and sheep."

  The price of the farm varies according to the size of the area, some cost 500,000 U.S. dollars, and some cost more than 2 million U.S. dollars.

She said that some farms are relatively large, with lakes in between.

Therefore, some Chinese plan to buy a homestay, so that people can spend the weekend on vacation, boating and fishing.

Some people think that the area of ​​the land is too large to be used up.

She said that after buying it, they can divide the land into small pieces, which can be sold or rented out.

  She said that some farms have commercial kitchens, which are equipped with all the facilities of the kitchen and can cook as long as there is a chef.

Commercial kitchens can provide catering services for their own use or rent out.

"Some commercial kitchens have only a few chefs, but they can provide meals for a big party."

  Ms. Yang, a real estate partner in New York City, said that at present, mortgage interest rates are still at a historically low level.

Many Chinese began to buy the second and third houses.

She is familiar with the situation and said that many Chinese are the first real estate they bought more than ten years ago, and the loan term is mostly 15 years.

Now, they have paid off the loan for the first house, so they started to buy more properties after they had some savings in their hands.

She said that some Chinese have also begun to move to commercial real estate.

Some Wenzhou immigrants began to buy warehouses, and some bought commercial and residential buildings.

The first floor is a store, and the second and third floors are homes.

"The owner lives upstairs and does business on the first floor." (Han Jie)